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Gettin’ Down to Business! Not Really~ xDDD

Well, school was completely boring. But, oh my god, you won’t believe this. It really SNOWED outside. O.O It’s only mid-November and it’s snowing?! >.<;;; Might be Global Warming~ Dunno~

Anyway, I have a Science test tomorrow and I know I might fail, so there goes my chances of getting in to high school~ xDDD (Kidding~) But, I’m REALLY looking forward to Wednesday ’cause it’s a half day (the school ends at 12:45) due to the Thanksgiving vacation~ That way I can unwind and relax and do many lazy things. Better endure it! ^.^

On my blog, I’ll leave special presents if it’s a daily rambling~ Today’s present is this:

These are some of the MoMusu members doing a cat imitation. It features Michishige, Kamei, Yaguchi, Ogawa, Ishikawa, Takahashi and Tanaka. Nya~! I know it’s that funny but it’s cute. The next present will be a little better than this~ Promise~! ^.^

–Rika Chihara (千梨花)


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