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Half Day – Aki Yasumi~! (Fall Break) ^.^

Well, it’s only a 4 day break, so what? I’ll call it a fall break ’cause I want to! O.o So HA!Today school started at 8:15 and ended at 12:45. Me luckies~! I’ll tell ya what I did:

1st Period: Math – We had a Geography Bee instead~ I tied with another boy in my class but I lost~ Runner-up. Not bad, huh?

2nd Period: Religion – We made up our own “prayer” for Thanksgiving… (It was sooo weird~ O.o)

3rd Period: Social Studies – We took notes~ =P We now have test on Tuesday~ >.<;;

4th Period: Science – My Science test score was shown~ I got 76%. My mom was happy =)

5th Period: Language Arts – We went to see our 3rd Grade Buddies. We had to make up story about a turkey… O.o

6th Period: Reading – We took a little quiz on root words~ Me got a 100% (^o^) v

7th Period: PARTY!!! – They had bagels, cupcakes and other crap. I didn’t eat anything ’cause when I have half days, My mom treats me to lunch~ I starved for an hour! But I was fine at the end~

After that, mom took my to a pizza shop. It was CROWDED! O.o Me was surprised~

And then, she bought me a cute sweatshirt and snow boots~ It’s SO freakin’ hard to buy me clothes~ >.<;;

Well, I’m glad to be home today early~ I got to play a LOT! ^.^

Sorry, no present today~ = (

–Rika Chihara (千梨花)


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