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Koinu Dan no Monogatari Review


Mao is a bright young girl living in today’s Tokyo and is fed up with how her parents don’t seem to care for her. Her father has to work in Toyama and needs to move. Since Mao’s mother is a working florist it’s impossible for her to move as well and Mao’s parents announce that they’re getting a divorce. Mao has finally had enough and decides to move in with her Grandpa in Gunma.

She gets in contact with Chika by catching her stealing milk from a store. Chika shows Mao a blind, stray dog she found and has named Dan.

Chika and Mao, together with a lot of helpers, do their best to find Dan a good home, but Chika soon realises she can’t live without him.


H!P Kids:

Tsugunaga Momoko

Shimizu Saki

Umeda Erika

Yajima Maimi

Tokunaga Chinami

Natsuyaki Miyabi

Kumai Yurina

Ishimura Maiha

Murakami Megumi

Nakajima Saki

Okai Chisato

Morning Musume:

Iida Kaori

Abe Natsumi

Yasuda Kei

Ishikawa Rika

Yoshizawa Hitomi

Konno Asami

Ogawa Makoto

Niigaki Risa


Goto Maki

Harada Mieko

Enoki Takaaki

Okumura Kouen

Oshima Satoko

Ohbayashi Takashi

Personally, I really liked this movie a lot~! It was very touching! My favorite line was, “If seeing-eye dogs can help blind people, then why can’t people help blind dogs?!”. Shimizu Saki, playing as Chika, said this. My rating would be 4 stars out of 5! ^.^

(This info was found on wiki.theppn.org)

–Rika Chihara (千梨花)


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  1. * Cecilie says:

    I also LOVE this movie very much! Berryz Koubou is great!<3 XD

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 4 months ago

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