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Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi

Even though were dating, it’s unrequited love!

Yes! Berryz Koubou just released their 15th single! Well, not “just” but, it was released a while ago, on November 28th. The cover, how should I say it as? Hmm, white. Very white. xDDD I must say the outfits are sooo cute~! I like Miyabi and Saki’s the best~ =3 Also, this single kicked Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba’s ass! Ha! This single sold 28,000 copies, 4,000 more than Special Generation. Good Job Berryz! Keep it up~! ^.^

Okay, as for the singing lines, there’s always a girl who hogs the spotlight.

And that girl is:


Tsugunaga Momoko

Natsuyaki Miyabi

Sugaya Risako

All three of them got 5 solo lines. Goodies for Momo-chan ’cause she’s cute and goodies for Miya-chan ’cause she’s pretty! As for Risako, blah. I’m glad I got to hear Saki’s voice once (Yes, only once.) in this song. Though, I’m surprised her singing is deep~ O.o The song was was all magic-like and mystical. I thought I wasn’t gonna like it ’cause I like Berryz the least out of H!P~ But, it seems I was wrong! ^.^;;

Okay, as for the PV, I liked it, too! The scenery matched the song nicely~! It kinda of looked goddess-like with the outfits. Plus the dancing was flowy and it seemed everyone had fun. It’s almost like you can jump in the PV and dance to it, too! xDDD

This is the PV~! =)


And that’s it! Well, catch ya on the flip side~! x3


–Rika Chihara (千梨花)


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