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Twilight Legend – A Morning Musume Cover Group

It’s been almost a month since I wrote something in my blog~

I’m lazy as the next Rika-chan~ xDDD

Anyway, today I’m here to talk about Twilight Legend. So what is it anyway? Twilight Legend is a fandubbing group that does songs mostly from H!P created by Purply (The Administrator) and with help from Michelle (x0Michellex0). I have my own account there, too. I’m called “Rika Chihara”. Pretty obvious, isn’t it? O.o So, here’s the groups at the forum:

1. Twilight Legend

Twilight Legend is the leader group of this forum. They do mostly Morning Musume songs. There first single was “Out of Patience”. There group is so far divided into 2 Generations like this:

Leader: Purply
Sub-Leader: Michelle
Gen 1: Kiokiou, Morningstarfairy, Rei123
Gen 2: bananna-chan, Tomie, Yumiko

Members may audition for this group each month. Only a certain amount of members can pass the auditions. I took the 2nd Generation, and failed. -.- But, auditions for the 3rd Generation starts January 27th. If you want to audition, go to this link:


There’s only one spot to fill in for the 3rd Generation~ And I’ll try the auditions again and again, until I get into Twilight Legend. I’ll do my best~! =3

2. Suki Suki LOVE Shot

Suki Suki LOVE Shot is a “Splinter” Group for Twilight Legend. If you pass an audition for Twilight Legend, you’re split up into a “Splinter” Group like this one. Suki Suki LOVE Shot’s first legend is “Ah! Nice Robokiss” and will be released soon~

The division of the group is:

Leader: Michelle
Sub-Leader: Reirae
Gen 2: bananna-chan, Yumiko3. Lovely<3Destiny

Lovely<3Destiny is another “Splinter” Group for Twilight Legend. This is the other group your put in if you’re not in Suki Suki LOVE Shot. Lovely<3Destiny’s first single was “Everything For You”.

The division of the group is:

Leader: Purply
Sub-Leader: Kiokiou
Gen 1: Danica
Gen 2: Tomie

4. J-unior SWEET

J-unior SWEET is a separate group from Twilight Legend. They do mostly songs from H!P shuffle groups, °C-ute, Berryz Koubou. There like H!P Kids I guess~ There first single was “Let’s Laugh”.

And the line up is:

Leader: Nami-chan
Sub-Leader: CappnNono
Gen 1: Joou, Rawrrkathy, Eva, angelfirebabe, Kairi-CHU, and Rika Chihara
Gen 2: SakuraxHALCYON, Kamui Chouko, and Mierna

Team J:
Leader: Nami-chan
Sub-Leader: angelfirebabe
Gen 1: Joou, Rika Chihara
Gen 2: Kamui Chouko

Team S:
Leader: CappnNono
Sub-Leader: rawrrkathy
Gen 1: Eva, Kairi-CHU
Gen 2: SakuraxHALCYON, Mierna

This is a very fun group and I recommend for anyone to join it! I shall sponsor Twilight Legend on this site and post more information that could be important~

–Rika Chihara



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