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A New Galaxy has been Discovered!

And it’s called Milky Way!

But doesn’t that galaxy exist already? O.O

Hahahaha! xDDDD

Well, it’s actually a new unit from H!P for the super popular anime, Kirarin Revolution!

My first thoughts were, “Oh joy, more Kusucki~”

(WARNING: NO offense to any Kusumi fans!! >.<;;

The member I was mostly interested in was Kikkawa Yuu (yellow).

If you don’t remember her, she actually auditioned for the Morning Musume Happy 8ki Audition. She was one of the remaining 5 members in the Final Round. Surprisingly out of the 5 girls, Mitsui Aika was the only one chosen!

And then, it seems Kikkawa was added into H!P Egg! Interesting, isn’t it? x3

I wasn’t interested in Sayaka (blue)! AT ALL! She looks pretty, but she looks like a mean girl! >.<;;

And as for Kusucki (pink), I wanna rip of that dumb smiling face she has on! xP

Since the unit was made for KiraRevo, Sayaka and Kikkawa will provide voices for the new characters in the second season! Kikkawa will play Hanasaki Kobeni (left) and Sayaka will play Yukino Noel (right). And of course, Kusucki will (and always) play Tsukishima Kirari (center)!

Hanasaki Kobeni, 2nd Year of Middle School : 14 years old, is a girl who loves books (like manga! =D).

Yukino Noel, 2nd Year of Middle School : 14 years old, is a girl who is very sporty (and tomboyish! x3).


The two cats in the pic are Kobeni and Noel’s little friends! (Just like Kirari’s bestest frien, Naa-san!)

The cat on the left, Mi-chan, is Kobeni’s friend! Mi-chan is a very pretty kitty with a strong whim (like a short temper). She also loves to clean.

The cat on the right, Ni-kun, is Noel’s friend! Ni-kun is a cool cat with high tensions (like high spirits). He also seems to respect Naa-san.

Milky Way shall release their debut single Anataboshi on April 30th. The day after my birthday! Small world, isn’t it? =)

I translated the characters’ profiles from the 3rd picture. I hope some of the translations are right…

Well then…

That’s all Folks! =D


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