Rikappi's Room ♥

Fandub Craze…

Okay, I was on a total fandub craze since my Easter vacation so I thought all of you out there should listen to these fandubs:

1. [♥Charm!] Koi no Hana

2. [Oishii♥Ongaku ] Renai♥Rider

3. [♥Charm!] Papa ni Niteru Kare

4. ~Rika-chan & Miki-chan~ Happy 15th Birthday kairixoxo!!

5. [♥Charm!] Balalaika

6. [Deko☆Boko] Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~

7. [♥Charm!] Yeah! Meccha Holiday

Personally, I liked Papa ni Niteru Kare the BEST!!!!!!!! =D

Well, see ya! Oh! Wait! I forgot!

Happy 23rd Birthday to Yoshizawa Hitomi!! (Yossie~!)


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