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No, not Gomaki’s 14 single! xP

Recently, I haven’t been talking about myself so I would like all of your ears open and ready to listen ’cause this may be a loooooooong story. Also, just please read to the end ’cause it makes the story understandable and falls into place.

Anyway, recently my parents have thought of me as a “negative” person. The reason is, I’ve been jealous of many people or treat them coldly. Which, I think is very true. The sad thing is, I can’t help it! It must be pre-high school mood syndrome (which totally doesn’t exist ’cause I JUST made it up). The “jealous” part is because I went to my previous school’s 8th grade play and it was so amazing, that I was in tears at the end! I couldn’t stand it ’cause I wanted to stand on that stage really badly! The play I did at the school I’m currently in was so babyish I’m not giving you the title (Hint: It’s a Disney movie)! Sorry, me didn’t get the leading-lady role (But I REALLY wanted it!). The reason “why” I didn’t get the part is, EVERYONE thought the girl who got the leading-lady role was a perfect singer AND thinks she’s the best one in the WORLD! Would everyone just SHUT UP about that and RETURN back to EARTH?! *pfft* Pathetic!

Another thing that bothers me is a really simple thing that should happen at my age before becoming a high-schooler. Just one word. Boys. THEY ARE SOOOOOOOO ANNOYING!!! And lemme tell ya something. THE BOYS IN MY GRADE NEVER SHUT UP!!!!!!!! Plus, I WISH they would act more like the 14-year olds they are! Is that TOO much to ask for?! Plus, I think they listen to rap music a little too much~~ I prefer classic rock better if I didn’t have J-Pop to choose (I know of my Mom’s songs on her iPod~). =3

~ End Story ~


Guess that wasn’t too long. O.O

I feel like Eva-chin. She likes to pour out her worries and feelings on her blog. Which I think is the BEST way to clear your mind! =3

Now, time for a good video before ya leave!

Just a Hello! Morning Theater clip.

Too lazy to explain~~ x33



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  1. * waterpixie says:

    xP That wasn’t long at all. It’s your blog, so you can just write whatever you feel like writing on it.

    xD I was so surprised to see my name. Lol. I guess I do rant a lot, in a way.

    Yeah, boys are annoying. -__-;

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 2 months ago

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