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Me and the Story of Morning Musume…

The frickin’ best J-Pop girl-band that changed my life…

Okay, as you all may or may not know, I’m a total MoMusu fan. I feel like all you dudes and dudettes *shot* should know why I like ’em SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!

How’d you learn about them?: I was reading Full Moon Vol. 1 and the author said she designed Mitsuki’s hair to look like Kago Ai’s.

As you can see, both of them have corkscrew ponytails! :3

Which one did you notice the most out of the group?: My #1 favorite, Yaguchi Mari!

Which was the first song you ever heard from them?: Go Girl! ~Koi no Victory~

Which was the first subgroup of Morning Musume did you hear about?: Minimoni! If it weren’t for Minimoni, I wouldn’t have been a fan of MoMusu! xDDD

Do you own any MoMusu CDs?: Believe it or not, yes! I do! Morning Musume ALL SINGLES COMPLETE ~10th ANNIVERSARY~

Which MoMusu member do you relate to the most?: Niigaki Risa! We both LOOOVE MoMusu and think our eyebrows stand out! xDDD

Sooo, I guess that’s why I liked MoMusu! x333

Yagu-chan and Yossie will ALWAYS be in my heart! <3



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  1. * chen says:

    I Love U Morning Musume

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