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Ooki na Yuuenchi de Motenashite

“Entertain Me with a Big Amusement Park” xDDD

So by looking at the title, you can tell I went to an amusement park today. And the place was:

Rye Playland in Rye, New York! Wow, it was SOOOOOO fun!!! I went with my camp though~ We go on field trips on Fridays. And boy, I’m glad I was there today. Great weather and the best time EVER!

OMG! It’s MY FEET! xDDD I was bored while watching my friends going on the log flume. I didn’t go on the log flume due to the steep drop and I didn’t wanna feel all soggy and disgusting…

Well, here’s the pics of the rides I went on:

Music Express. This is a night picture and I forgot to take a picture of this during my trip there… ^^;;

Moving on…

The Whip. I love spinning rides! Like those Alice in Wonderland spinning tea cups at Disney! When the cart turns they make VERY sharp turns and it’s almost like you’re gonna get flung out of the cart.

The Gondola Wheel. It was my first time riding a big Ferris Wheel! :D I conquered a fear today! Oh yeah, I’ll show you pictures I took on the Ferris Wheel:

I took pictures when I was at the tippy-top! It was scary at first, but I realized I should enjoy the view. :D This is the left side on the top of the Gondola Wheel.

On the right side is the Dragon Coaster. >.<;; Me no likey coasters~~~

Peace from Rika! v(^o^)v This is me with my hair down. Kinda short. Don’t you think? O_O

Oh, by the way. My mom told I went to Playland before when I was little but I didn’t really believe her. But what made me remember was this:

A fountain! 8D My parents took a picture of me here when I about 4 or 5. I’m glad I remembered! Guess it was my second time today going to Playland instead of my first~ xDD

Oh that was one of my best summer vacation trips ever this year! I really wanna go again! :D

Well, I guess that’s it. I’m really tired from that. I’m gonna rest now and do the usual computering tonight. Stay tuned for more summer entries! :33


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  1. * Mierna says:

    Wa~ Rikappi, you look so kawaii everywhere! ^^


    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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