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Hello Again! :D

Like the title, “Hello Again!” :D Rika desu~! v(^o^)v

Today I’m gonna talk about some of my recent I’ve done and all that jazz! Yaaaaaaaaaay~~~!

Yesterday I went Mountain Creek Water Park! Wheee~~! Yet again, another camp trip it was. Sadly, we couldn’t bring our backpacks in the park so no pictures. :( Sowwie, some things just have to be done, ah well, at least it was fun~! ^w^

As you may or may not know, I went to Emerald Isle, North Carolina a week ago. It was…okay…? Well, we had a 12HOURCARRIDETHERETHANKYOUVERYMUCH! >.< Bleh, I hate sitting in the car for more than 4 hours! Dx We also visited some relatives on my dad’s side there, too. They’re nice all, but, sometimes I just can’t stand them! xP Glad it’s over though! The condo we were in was so-so and the Internet connection was fried and it took ATLEAST20MINUTESFORTHEREDBARTOFILLUPONA6MINUTEVIDEOONYOUTUBE! I gave up, pretty much. When I got home, I was kinda behind on lines and watching eppies on crunchyroll. Ah well. Thank goodness I got caught up with work in only 2 mere days!

And as for today, mommy went to Sandy Hook beach with a friend and my brother is working all day today at the pizza shop in our town to earn more money for college. Yes, my brother is a pizza delivery man. He makes plenty of money, plus tips! Only 22 more days until he leaves the family for college! O.O I’ll miss him and love the fact he’ll be gone so I can focus maybe a little harder with high school. So pretty much, it’s just me and dad today. Home alone. Well, I did one this morning, I cleaned up all of my stuffed animals I didn’t need anymore, and shall donate them to children in Africa! This is a true fact. I totally mean it! Yup, I’m a good girl, aren’t I? :3 Mommy praised me, too. Well, what should I do today? Record leftover lines? Mix lines? Veg out? Well, I know I’m gonna be doing all three. Maybe dad will take me out to lunch! Hehe~~~

Well, see ya next time! Bye Bye~~~ <3


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