Rikappi's Room ♥

Why Random?

Yes. Why be random? Well, it’s my job!

Purply opened up a wordpress recently. Yes, you’re thinking. “Who the heck is Purply?” She’s my dai-senpai in Twilight Legend (the fandubbing group that I mentioned a while back in January that is now known as Totally Up! Project and I FINALLY got into TL this summer! Yay!). She nicknamed my blog as “Rika Chihara the Smooth Detective” in her blogroll of friends. Smooth Detective? Well, I only did two reports… But, ah well. Can’t be helped, right? It’s what I’m planted with. (O_O ?! And that line meant…)

Today was the last day of my camp. Ah well. At least I was occupied this summer. They give out prizes at the end of the week and I saved all of my points (Points are money to buy the prizes at camp) I got each week. I got 4 wristbands to Playland through September and an iTunes $15 gift card for my parents to share. I’ll take my mom, me and two other people to Playland (gotta find two people willing to go in these last two weeks of the summer… Hmm~~~). Now that camp’s over, at least two weeks are left until I’m a freshman! *CRAP!* Here’s something funny, one of my camp counselors from my camp is gonna be a teacher at my high school! What a coincidence! Ain’t this a small world?

I’m gonna to NYC (again! ^^) tomorrow~~~ It’s fun to be only one hour away from the city (Yes, all you Californians, envy me for being a Jersey girl! Kidding~~~) Why you ask? I’m gonna see a Broadway show! YAAAAAY~~~! Did I mention I’m a big Broadway fan? Guess not. Well, I really love it! Now you know my whole personality: Arts & Culture. Anything under that is my thing! Singing, International-ness, Drama, Drawing, whatever it is, you name it! :D And the show I’m seeing is…


Phantom of the Opera!

I’ve been looking at it and thinking about seeing it for a while but I just can’t find a right chance to see it! It was a Mother’s Day Present to mom from dad. The whole family’s going. Mom. Dad. Older Brother. Me. I wonder what my brother’s opinion will be? He’s not a theater-type. All about Sports for him. Well, he’s a guy. What else do you expect?

Ummmm… Is that all I got to say? Looks like it. Ah well. ‘Till next time.

Stay Tuned! <3


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