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Here Fishy Fishy~

Today I went out on another summer trip with my mom and my close friend (who I call my “older-sister” figure). Today’s trip was to…

New York Aquarium! :3 Rii loves sealife! Penguins, seals, jellyfish, turtles, sharks, you name it, I love it! <3

Let’s start the slideshow!

That fish was staring at me so much I was freaked out and kind of annoyed. Maybe it likes me~ *glub glub*

Seal-san~~~! Aren’t they adorable? I’d love to keep one as a house pet! If I had a gigantic pool that is… ^^;;

Otter-kun~~~!!! Yet again, another kawaii sea mammal! Isn’t it weird that they swim on their backs? Plus they flip a lot when diving into waters. I kept saying, “Look! It’s Michael Phelps!” when I’d see otter-kun swim~ x33

And now, one of my good faves…

PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the BEST! ^o^ However, their specie name is weird…

I wonder these penguins are jackasses? Plus their braying sound is very weird… But overall, they’re cute and I LOVE ’em! <3

Fishy mirrors! I saw them in one of the restrooms and I liked them so…

Kame-saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~~~! Turtles are cool, huh? Plus they’re HUMONGOUS! I bet this one’s very old! Maybe 100 years? Well, as far as I know they can live to be very old~~~ I’d love to hug this cute kame! But, I was worried about kame-san for one reason. And that is…

Sharks!!! Yup, there were a few of them in the tank! About three. I feel bad for the turtles if they were attacked by one of them~ >.<

After that we headed to the Aquatheater to see a sea lion show! Sorry no pics. All the pics I took were kinda bad… Those sea lions were very intelligent! And it must be fun to be a sea mammal trainer. I bet it pays a lot~~~

GIGANTO WALRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool, huh? They must be the size of two dinner tables, which could be a WHOLE ton!

And that was all for the aquarium! After that was (Yes there’s more~)…

CONEY ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay!! I’ve always wanted to go there~ And I did~~ It was totally fun!!

The Wonder Wheel! Even though I didn’t ride it, it looked coolies!! But I did ride this…

Musik Express! It’s the same ride I did at Playland but it had a rock ‘n’ roll 50’s theme rather than a hip-hop theme~~ My legs were wobbly after I got off. And they still ache! Ah well, that’s life.

The Cyclone coaster (with Wonder Wheel and Observation Tower in the background)! Of course, Rii didn’t ride the Cyclone… Rii don’t likey coasters! xP

Boy, I had such a great time! I wanna go again!!! Well, I’m tired. Have a good night! :D


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