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Rika no Time Slip ~ An Album with a Decade of Nostalgia ~

My time slip album from 1998 to 2008.

It’s an album filled with embarrassment, cuteness and many nostalgic memories!

So let’s reverse time. All the way back to 1998. Ten Years Ago, I looked like…

1998 – Spring

This! When my hair was still curly and had round-shape glasses. As a 4-year old, I loved rain! I’d take an umbrella out and jump in lots of puddles! :D

1999 – Autumn

My Halloween costume when I was in Kindergarten: Minnie Mouse! I think I did this costume twice though…

1999 – Winter

Personally, I loved that sweatshirt! And I still do! But I think I gave it away… :(

2000 – Spring

This picture was before I went to my 6th birthday party. This is actually a picture of the family room before it was remodeled in ’02! :D

2001 – Winter

Me and my cat Freddie! He was still a kitten at that time. When I looked at this picture, I couldn’t believe that he was THAT small! Nyaaan~ :3

2001 – Winter

They buried me. O_O Taken in the Dominican Republic.

2002 – Autumn


[TIME SLIP! Three Years Later…]

Sorry! There weren’t any pictures in ’03 and ’04 in the Z drive… ^^;;

2005 – Winter

Christmas at 11 years old. Me watching TV. Bored… *sigh*

2006 – Spring

Rika and the Green Scooter. No comment. :)

2007 – Spring

April 29th. Happy 13th Birthday Rika-chan! Here’s your present: A new cellphone! I was SOOO surprised! :D

2007 – Autumn

Rika and her loveable cat Shadow! :3

2007 – Winter

Merry X’mas from Rika! <3

2008 – Summer

Me at Jersey Shore. This picture’s not bad~ x3

2008 – Summer

Me and my pink Hello Kitty at Rye Playland.

So, how was it? You got to see a lot of different Rikas today! I can’t believe all those pictures were me! Well, I’m glad to still be here today! Hope you all can still support me for the future so I can grow older, smarter and live a happy life.

Well, that’s all folks! See ya next time with a new post filled with extra Rika-Rika-ness! x3


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  1. * sakuragyaru says:

    Holy crap, you went to the Jersey Shore??? I live an hour away from it!! O_o

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago

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