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Heart Attack in a Box?


You’ll see what the title means later…

Well, I haven’t really been talkin’ about my school life this year, huh? Might as well talk about it! As you all know I’m a freshman in high school and here’s my daily schedule…

Day A

Period 1: Art Experience

Period 2: Japanese I

Period 3: Algebra / Geometry I

Period 4: LUNCH

Period 5: World Civilization / Culture I

Period 6: Phys. Ed.

Period 7: FREE!!! (Pretty much go to the cafeteria and do whatever I want for an hour and take the bus home~)

Day B

Period 1: Japanese I

Period 2: Algebra / Geometry I

Period 3: English I

Period 4: LUNCH

Period 5: Phys. Ed.

Period 6: Support (a.k.a. Study Hall)

Period 7: Life Science I

Day C

Period 1: Algebra / Geometry I

Period 2: English I

Period 3: Art Experience I

Period 4: LUNCH

Period 5: Support

Period 6: Life Science I

Period 7: World Civilization / Culture I

Day D

Period 1: English I

Period 2: Art Experience I

Period 3: Japanese I

Period 4: LUNCH

Period 5: Life Science I

Period 6: World Civilization / Culture I

Period 7: Phys. Ed.

If you’re wondering why there’s no Day E is becuase each day rotates (Ex. Monday – A, Tuesday – B, Wednesday – C, Thursday – D, Friday – A) Please get that into your heads! I like A the best ’cause I got no English and Life Sci (which I hate~~) plus the free last period~~~!!! I get to listen to me iPod and do homeworkies early! :D

Actually, today was A! YAAAAY!!! Today’s all my friends in Support were there so we chilled, listen to musica, and get crap from the vending machine. For some odd reason, my coins don’t work on the machines! Muuu~~~ -.- ANYWAY! I actually gave my money to one of my friends (which was only like a dollar) Mike and he was like “Are you serious?” and I was like “I don’t care~” Yeah, carefree genorosity. That’s m’oui! And when he used the money, he saw a lunchables in the vending machine but my one of my gal friends Caitlin said “You plan to buy that Heart attack in a box?” I was like O_O “Heart attack in a box? I thought she was talking about one of the suprise toys when those springs come out of the tin can but she said she meant lunchables so I was like “Ohhh~” Bu he didn’t buy it. Mike got a strudel pastry. :3

So, that’s it. Oh yeah, today’s my oniichan’s 18th b-day AND my cat Freddie’s 7th b-day! Oniichan’s coming home from college on Sunday to celebrate. Yaaaay~! I kinda missed him. Anyway, I’m making his b-day cake by the way~~~~ x333 Hope he likes luck!!!

Well, that’s it for now. Ciao peoples!!! Until another day!!! v(^o^)v


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  1. * Mierna says:

    Wa, you get Japanese~~~~ Rikappi, you’re so lucky!!


    | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago

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