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Which to start with? Ahh~~ I’m getting lost in it!!


I’m really surprised I have to read this for high school…

I’m reading the most popular book series in the world in my English class?! Oh god… -.-

At first, I wasn’t really happy at all when I heard I had to read this by the middle of January. I thought “Oh, F*@#&^!! Why!?”

Okay, to put it simple, I HATE POPULAR STUFF LIKE THIS!!!!!!! You know, series like Harry Potter and all that crap, I just am not fond of fads. Plus my mom’s really excited about me reading this because there’s vampires in it and she loves, and I mean LOVES, vampires. But, ah well, I have to do what I’m supposed to do.

I like this book mostly because it’s a romance novel. I really enjoy stuff like that! Actually MMPPP’s manga version got me intrigued into love stories! Arigato, Hanamori-sensei! v(^o^)v

Oh yeah, right now, I finished chapter 12 and going to read chapter 13, Confessions, tonight or tomorrow~


Twlight the Movie is here!!! Yay? xDDD

Most of my friends went to the midnight show! Yeah, they went to the theaters at 12:00 A.M. for 2 hours just to see a movie based on a novel! I think the cafeteria made a lot of money while selling coffee to those Twilight fans~ Plus a lot of the girls were wearing Twilight apparel that had the cast on it. My friend Kayla wore a shirt that said “Team Edward”. :D

I’m not THAT crazy to see something like this at midnight! I’d know my parents would say and ‘no’ and I definitely know that I’ll sleep through the movie. I need sleep everyday! >.<

Actually, last night, when I was watching South Park on Comedy Central I got sleeping and turned off the T.V. Then, at 3:15 A.M., I woke up and the remote was under me! I thought I put it on my nightstand before I went to sleep! When I woke up, dad said “Haley, your T.V. was on when I went in your room!”

Okay, let’s put that away.

I’m gonna see the movie, but on two conditions.

1. Wait until the crowd dies down

2. Finish the whole book before seeing it (This is a MUST!!)

Did you see the movie yet? Did you go to the midnight show? What about your friends? I’d love to hear! ;)


I bought HANGRY & ANGRY’s first mini-album “Kill Me Kiss Me”!!!!!!!!!!!! Now this is what I call happiness!!

Buy it here if you want the U.S. release. It’s only $12 plus shipping and handling. Hurry before it’s sold out!

I heard they’re touring in Europe and America next year!!! *gasp*

ME GOTTA BUY THE TICKETS IF THEY’RE COMING TO NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did a fandubbie on “Sougen no Hito”. I really wanted to do this song for a long time~~ =O

And now, MORE!


I turned into a fanfictionist!!


Write me a review on my stories! I’d love to hear your opinion!!


November 21st. One of my favorite days…


I LOVE him SOOOOOOO much! He’s my total anime guy lover!!!! Ahhh, Kaito-samaaaa!! *bows down to Kaito’s hot awesomeness*

Do you wanna know how giddy I get while looking at this picture? Let’s just say, a lot.

Ahh, nothing like looking at a hot anime boy’s naked chest while showering~ x3

Well, that’s it! Bye Byez~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!


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  1. * Mierna says:

    You must have the greatest life that any person would KILL to have. -_- And if you got accepted into avex then you would die happy~~ I’m happy for you, Rika. Keep up the happiness! And separate your clustered dialogue. xP


    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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