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Short Hair, Questionnaires & April Fools!? O_O

Lookie, I did a rhyme~ xDD

So yeah, IT’S APRIL!!!! Which means…

Only 4 more weeks ’till my birthday!!! YAY-YAAAAAY~~~~~!!! v(^o^)v


Anyone crack any good pranks today? Well I did~~~~~

One of my friends is actually a JE fan like me and loves KAT-TUN the most, especially Bakanishi!!

Actually my friend also takes Japanese but she’s in level 2 so we speak in Japanese…A LOT. Her name in Japanese class is “Yuki” (and yes, mine’s “Rika” in my class~~~), so if I talk about her I shall dub her “Yuki-senpai” or “senpai”.


So, I decided to prank her by telling her that Akanishi went back to L.A. to study more English. And she believed it!!

She was all like “Why???” and then I told her, “Sorry, I lied.” Then she was all like “Ehhhh!?!?” And then we had a good laugh about it~~ xDDD

But still, this is a April Fools prank I shall never get bored with, even if I posted it in my last post~~~~ x3

I’d DEFINITELY be in the same position as Kei-chan! I’m also an idiot who believes in almost anything! xDD Nice prank, Shige! Woot~! :D :D :D


I cut my hair SHORT!!! :O


Jyaaaaan~~ Well, whaddya think?? Everyone at school thought it was cute and so I think I’m glad I cut it! I’ve always wanted short hair~~ :3


I saw this questionnaire on Yumibon’s blog so I thought I’d do it, too~~

  • cut and paste time – credits to Yumibon*

1. What’s the time? 9:12 P.M.
2. First Name? Haley
3. Nicknames? Rika-chan, Rikappi, Rii, Ricchan
4. Birthday? April 29, 1994
5. Where do you live? New Jersey
6. What school do you go to? Northern Valley Old Tappan
7. Do you have sisters/brothers? 1 older brother
8. Have you got any pets? 2 cats
9. Are left or right handed? Left


10. Color of your hair? Dirty Blonde
11. Color of your eyes? Blue
12. Height? 171.5 cm (5’7″.5)
13. Have you got glasses/Contact thingies? Both~! :)
14. Any piercings? Only ears~
15. Would you like a piercing/more piercings? Nah~
16. Any tattoos? No way!
17. Would you like a tattoo/more tattoos? No!!
18. Do you wear any rings? My middle school ring on my left index finger
19. What is your style like? I dunno…the Haley-style?? xDD


21. How are you feeling right now? Normal
22. What pants are you wearing right now? Pajama pants!!
23. What shirt are you wearing right now? Pajama top!!
25. What do your hair look like? Short! 8D
26. What are you listening right now? Silence~ xDD
27. Last time I ate I had? PIZZA!!!!!
28. What’s the weather outside? Dark, clear and cold.
29. Last time when I talked on the phone, I talked with? A good family friend <33
30. The last dream you had that you can remember? This Monday; A tiger was walking along our street… O_o
31. Who are you talking to right now? Nobody.
32. What’s the time? 9:21 P.M.

33. The last 4 numbers of your telephone number? Won’t say~
34. If you would be a pencil, what color would you be? Purple!! :3
35. Have you ever almost died? Twice in fact
36. What makes you happy? Listening to my iPod, sleeping, eating, being happy, etc…
37. What single/album are you going to buy next? Maybe a Tegomass single~
38. Have you ever won a prize? I dunno, never kept track of that~ xDD
39. Your future? Hopefully being Kei-chan’s wife~ xDD
40. Do you like to dance? Not really~
41. The most stupid thing you’ve ever done? I’ve done many, trust me.
42. Your favorite memory? Too many to name! ><
43. If you could change 1 thing about you, what would you change? My laugh, it’s really weird, seriously~
44. Where do you go shopping the most? The mall…?
45. What are you listening right now? Like I said, silence~
46. Favorite name of a boy? …
47. Favorite name of a girl? Rika!!! xDDD
48. Do you drink things with alcohol? Nope.
49. What shampoo do you use? Garnier Fructis~
50.What sports do you hate the most? Football, makes no sense…
51. What are you scared of? Sharp knives! Kyaaaa!!! >_<
52. How many televisions are there in your house? 6
53. Do you have your own mobile phone? Yup.
54. What kind? Motorola
55. Have you ever broken a bone? Nope. :)
56. What do you dream of? A relationship with Kei-chan! <33
57. What are you listening right now? How many times do I have to tell you!? Silence. Silence! SILENCE!!!
58. Which one of your friend talks the most/is the loudest? Dunno~
59. Which one of your friend doesn’t talk so much/is most silent? Dunno~
60. Do you think that Cheerleading is a sport? In a way, yes~


61. Do you believe in love? Of course!
62. Are you single? Indeed I am!
63. Do you have a crush on someone? Yes~ *blushes*
64. Do you believe in love at first sight? Totally!
65. What song would you own to your closest people? …
66. What things do you notice immediately in the opposite sex? His eyes or smile~
67. What is the longest time that you have had a crush to someone? 2 years
68. Are you shy to ask someone to a date with you? WAAAAY too shy!
69. What is the most beautiful thing that someone has said to you? Not sure…
70. Have other people ever said that you’re beautiful? Some do~


71. Kissing Marilyn Mansonin or Rob Zombien? Neither.
72. Dying to hunger or dying because of coldness? Hunger


73. Long or short pants? Short
74. Long or short hair? Either or~
75. Straight or curly hair? Straight
76. Short or tall? Tall!!
77. Muscles or not? Uhh…


78. Skirts or pants? Skirt!
79. Hair down or ponytail thingie? Down…?
80. Short or tall? Tall!


81. Cute or sexy? Cute~ :3
82. Dark or light hair? Light
83. Short or tall? Tall
84. Straight or curly hair? Straight
85. Eye color? Blue
86. Long or short nails? Short
87. Hat or not? None…
88. Good or bad? Good
89. Jewerly or not? None
90. Funny or boring? Funny
91. Glasses or not? Both


92. Lights on or off? On!
93. Snow, Sunny or Rain? Sunny!! :3 :3 :3
94. McDonald’s or Burger King? BK!!!!!!
95. Comedy or Horror? Comedy~
96. Backstreet Boys or NSYNC? None (Screw wannabe boy bands~ xP)
97. Rock, paper or scissors? Scissors!! *snip snip snip*
98. Sausage or pepperoni? Neither
99. Summer or Winter? This is the Summer Time~
100. Sweet or Sour? Sweet!
101. Milk or Water? MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILK~~~~ :D :D :D :D :D
102. Beer or Dr.Pepper? Neither…
103. Almost empty or almost full glass? Almost full…?
104. VHS or DVD? DVD!!
105. Dogs or Cats? Cat-nyan! x3
106. Vanilla or Strawberry Ice cream? Vanilla (But Rii wants chocolate…)
107. Cross-country skiing or Down-hill skiing? No idea… xD
108. Day or Night? Day!!
109. A cake or a pie? CAKE!!!!
110. Sunset or Sunrise? Sunset, so romantic~ <3 <3 <3


111. Color? Purple!!
112. Food? Pizza, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Teriyaki Sauce, Fried Calamari, Sweets, white rice
113. Fast Food? Burger King!!
114. Candy? C-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e! <3
115. Drink? Milky Milk-Milk! xDD
117. Sports? Baseball and Basketball (Even though I hardly play sports…)
118. Animal? Cats!!
119. Music Genre? Classic Rock, Broadway, J-Pop…
120. Radio Channel? None.
121. Song? Too many!!
122. Band/Artist? NEWS!!!
123. Number? 4!
124. Month? April!!
125. TV Show? Lots to list…
126. Shop? Kinokuniya Bookstore!! :D
127. Perfume? I don’t wear it…
128. Teacher? Fukuda-sensei!!
129. Game? Uhh…
130. Word? Happy!


131. Loved someone so much that you’ve cried? No
132. Smoked? No
133. Drank alcohol? No
134. Broken the law? No
135. Ran away from the police? No
136. Stole something? My mom’s gum~ xDD;; *shot*
137. Tried to kill yourself? No
138. Tried to throw up on purpose? …
139. Cried so that you could get what you want? Yeeeesh.


140. The first movie that you saw in the movie theaters? Don’t remember…
141. Your favorite movie when you where small? Disney movies!!
142. Your favorite song from a musical? Anything from West Side Story!! ;)
143. Favorite musical/music movie? West Side Story
144. Favorite actor? No idea! xDD

And that’s it! Well, I think I’m gonna end ’cause I’m tired. Oh yeah, from now on, there shall be a Kei-chan Picture of the Day!!!! Today’s pic is THIS:

Kei-chan Picture of the Day:

His waiting face is to die for! If I had to put dialogue in it, I’d write…this:

Kei-chan: When is work gonna end? This is SOOO boring staring at the rain for hours over and over again! Ohh, Rika, I’m so lonely. I wanna see that happy face of yours…

Rika: Awww, Kei-chan~~~ I love you~! <3

Kei-chan: I love you, too. My darling, precious Rika…

Rika: Kei-chan…


Oh me and my fantasies!!! xDD

Well, bye byeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! *waves*


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  1. * Saku-chi~ says:

    OMIGOSH! You cut your hair too?? I did as well! 8D <33
    It looks very cute! :3
    Summer is the season for short hair! :D

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 3 months ago

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