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Happiness. =)

I’m back~!

Sorry for not posting more frequently like I usually do. I’m soooo busy with school right now because it’s June which means finals are coming up so it’s hard to keep it up! >_<;; But, when summer vacation comes, I’ll have more time to be around the house so this blog will NEVER die, ne? :3


So, yet again, gomen ne! ;)

Well, besides school and stuff, I’ve been pretty happy recently (well, everyday I do feel that way but that’s just me~ ^^). Like for example…

Minimoni’s coming back after a long, five-year hiatus!!


I L-O-V-E this unit! <333

If it weren’t for Minimoni, I wouldn’t of known H!P~ x3

On May 26, 2009, Yaguchi Mari (the creator of this super-unit) posted on her blog that Tsunku asked for her permission to revive Minimoni, which she said YES!!

Thank you so much, Yagu-chan, I LOVE YOU!! <33

Apparently, the only members officialy confirmed to be members of this group are…

Fukuda Kanon from H!P Egg, Shugo Chara Egg!, and S/mileage.


Linlin from Morning Musume who shall also be the leader of the group.

I’m really excited for the comeback! I wonder who else shall be the new members??? Maybe…


ME!!! 8D See? I can do the Minimoni pose, too! After all, I *was* Tiny Wheat’s Yaguchi Mari AND leader. x3

Minimoni desu~!!

Even though I’m 172 cm… >_<;;

Maybe I should be apart of Megamoni instead, a group of girls over 160 cm!! xDDD;;

Okay, now it’s time for JE…

NEWS’s sub-unit Tegomass is releasing their 4th single, “Tanabata Matsuri”, on July 8th!


They’re releasing their FIRST album, “Tegomass no Uta”, on July 15th, too!! 8D

Super cool, desho?

Ahh, I missed them!

I wonder what their new song will be like? Since the title has “matsuri” in it, it might have an up-tempo beat and have a Japanese-traditional-like beat to it. Well, who knows? Only Johnny-san I guess… xDD;;

I personally thought they were A.MA.ZING in Ai Ai Gasa!! 8D

The rain angels of heaven are so…



Handsome… <333 *melts*

Tegoshi-sama, Massu-sama, will you let it rain for me so I can share an umbrella with Kei-chan? Pweeeease?? v(^o^)v

And now, time for normal life.


I became a Japanese teacher!! 8D

Well, not *exactly*… xDD;;

You see, my groupdubbing friend Celia (her blog, her YouTube) is a big H!P/JE fan like me and wishes to learn Japanese. So, she came to me on Skype asked me (since I’m already semi-fluent in it because I’ve been studying it for about four years alone and I’m now studying it in high school) to teach her Japanese which of course, I said yes!


Now I teach her easy Japanese sayings/phrases from my phrasebook I got from a friend on my 14th birthday(?) through Skype and she takes notes on her laptop. She said “Maybe by the end of the summer I’ll be fluent in Japanese!” xDD;;

Now on her YT, she calls me “sensei” on her BF list~~ xDDD;;

Oh Celia, you’re such a wonder to me~ <33

Well, that’s it. Now it’s time for the Kei-chan Picture of the Day:

Kei-chan: I IS SMART PERSON!! 8D

Rika: Yes, yes, sweetie. I know, I know. ^^

Kei-chan: But I know something that you don’t know~~ x3

Rika: Eh? What’s that? Tell me!! >_<;;


Kei-chan: That I love you! <333

Rika: Aw…Kei-chan…I love you, too!! <333

Bye-Byeeeeee~~ <333 <333 <333 *waves*


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  1. * tlx43n says:

    hi i came upon your blog while searching hashimoto ryosuke stuff xD
    i luv your blog and tht pic of tegomass so cute ^^
    also trying to get to kno some H!P huhu

    | Reply Posted 9 years ago

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