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There are many types of ways to express your feelings. I like to express them facially and post ’em on blog!! xDDD;;

Each feeling I express right now will deal with news that’s been happening in my life.

Let’s start with…



Even though this story is a bit “yesterday’s news”, Michael Jackson died!!

That was really surprising!!

You see, when Rika-mama was talking on the phone with her friend, she then gasped, “Michael Jackson died!?”. When I heard this, my mind went blank. I thought to myself, “Michael Jackson died? The Michael Jackson died? No way!”

But, after searching “Michael Jackson Death” on Google, it was official. MJ died June 25, 2009 of a cardiac arrest.


Michael Jackson

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

~Although he may be dead, the power of his music still lives on…~



Last night I went to the movies with my high school friends Emily, Kristina, and Nicole. We saw…

My Sister’s Keeper…

It was SOOOOOO sad!!! ;_;

If we all placed a bet on who would cry first, I would of lost. I cried!! DDx

It was just so touching!

As I was crying, Emily held my hand and patted my back for comfort. Thanks Emily! You’re the best!! ;D

Anyway, it was a really good movie I must say for myself~

I really liked the main character Anna! Even though she’s so young she really knows what to do!



Well that’s because I just woke up 30 minutes ago!! xDDD

Oops, this was kind of irrelevant, ne?

Well, on with the next feeling!

It’s my favorite feeling in the world that I always am!

And that’s…



Summer vacation started!! Whoo~!

Well, it actually started the 25th but, you get the point~ xDDD;;

I hope I get to do lots of fun stuff this year!

Well, I know I’m gonna eat a lot of sweet, sweet ice cream~~~ x3


Today’s weather is a warm aozora (blue sky) day!!

Hmm, what should I do today??

Sorry, if it’s not the best picture, but it’s the best angle I could get and my camera was almost running out of battery! >_<;;

Next time I’ll get a better shot with more light and more clouds so it’s a bit more prettier, ‘kay? ^^

Well, all that’s left now is the Kei-chan Picture of the Day!! Yay? xDDD;;

Kei-chan really knows how to express his feelings too, ne?

From the upper left (left to right), Cute, Very Cute, Cuter, and Cutest!! v(^o^)v

See ya later!! *waves*


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