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“What kind of wish will you make…?”

Since today is Tanabata, I wished for…


“May everyone be happy forever.”

It’s my very first tanzaku!

I made it this morning when I woke up.

Super cool, desho?


I hung it up on one of the trees outside~ xDDD;;

Kinda stupid but you have to do it so the wish can come true~

I’ll take it off tomorrow so none of my family members say, “Haley, what’s with this piece of paper hanging on a tree?”. xDDD;;

And since it’s Tanabata, I got to wear my own yukata!! :D



My friend and “older sister”, Kim, has a sister-in-law who’s Japanese so she visited her hometown, Kyoto, with her family around two years ago. She bought this for me as a souvenir.

Thanks again, Kimmy, love ya!! ;)

I actually tied this myself.

It’s kinda suckish in my opinion.

Just don’t you even dare look at the back!

The obi looks horrible from behind!! >_<;;


Praying for happiness…

An American Tanabata.

Kinda weird but it’s still fun, ne? :3

And even though it’s not gonna be released until tomorrow…

When you think of Tanabata, it’s definitely “Tanabata Matsuri” by Tegomass that comes first to your mind, ne?

It’s like the “Miso Soup” melody has been revamped in a brand new way! :D

This is such a cute song!

And the boys look so smexii in yukatas… <333


Oh, and the wishes Tegomass made in the end of the PV were this:

Tegoshi: “May the world become peaceful without fighting.”

Masuda: “May everyone keep smiling.”

I hope you guys made good wishes for this year (that is if you knew what Tanabata was before this post~)!! ^^

And here’s the Kei-chan Picture of the Day…

Even Kei-chan looks handsome in a yukata!!

Well, he’s handsome in anything and everything~ x3

Have a good Tanabata, everyone!! v(^o^)v


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  1. * angelfirebabe says:

    aww Rikachii~

    You look so cute in your Kimono and I love what your wrote on your tanzaku.

    I would of wrote the same as you ^_^

    | Reply Posted 9 years ago

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