Rikappi's Room ♥

Friends Forever…

Stick Together!! :D

Just like Koyashige!!

Weren’t they sooooo cute when they were younger??

They’ve been friends for over 8 long years and they’ll still know how to stay close and share their love! <333

Literally… xDDD;;

Anyway, onto the point.

Why am I talking about friends?

Well, today is Friendship Day!!

(Yes, there is such a thing~)

The first Sunday of August is the annual holiday of International Friendship Day when people celebrate friendship and express their love for them. It all started in 1935 so let’s celebrate the 74th year of Friendship Day!! :D


I’m gonna celebrate, too!!

Can’t read the heart?

It says “友達” (tomodachi) which means “friend” in Japanese.

I cut the paper in a heart to show my love for my friends! <333

Don’t ask why I stuck it on my nose.

It’s 10 A.M. (Eastern) and I’m AWAKE AS HELL (Good thing I’m a morning person!). :D

To celebrate I sent a text message to my school friends and 2 of my close friends. It said, and quote:

Friends 4ever stick 2gether!

Each year on the first sunday of august is friendship day so i’m sending my love 2 u! <3

Send the love 2 a special buddy 2!! :-D

Happy Friendship Day!! :-) :-) :-)

No replies yet (well no duh ’cause it’s early morning *shot*).

What’s a friend to you?

Someone to rely on?

Someone to respect?

Someone to love and care for?

Someone who will act like a complete idiot with you…? xDDD;;

Well, to me, there are indefinite answers to friendship!

But in the end…

It’s all about the LOVE! <333

Let’s add some fun-fun imagination dialogue to spice things up a bit:

Kei-chan: Hey Shige!

Shige: What?

Kei-chan: *points* Look, look! It’s Rikappi!

Shige: Wow, it is!

Kei-chan: Maybe if we stare at her long enough, she’ll join us and be our friend!

Shige: Or if we stare at her long enough, we’ll be creeping out a 15-year old girl who’s dedicated her life to us.

Kei-chan: Good point. Well, she’s dedicated to us so, does that mean she still can be our friend?

Shige: Yup!

Koyashige: WE LOVE RIKAPPI!! <333


I suck. xDDD

Ah, speaking of friends, I made a new one!

All the way from Japan!! 8D

She’s my penpal! ;)

My Japanese teacher from school gave me her email address and told me I should exchange emails and do stuff like teaching her English and she can teach me Japanese.

Great way of Cultural exchange, no? :3


Thank you very much, sensei!!

Her name is Tomomi and she became a tenth grader (first year of high school in Japan) this April (that’s when school in Japan usually starts).

She’s actually sensei’s niece!

Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s the first email she replied with when I sent her an email:






Thank you for the email!

Sorry for the late reply.

I’m Tomomi!

You’re very good at Japanese!

It’s surprised me very much.

Tell me a lot about yourself.

And about English and America, too!!

Ask me anything about Japan or Japanese!

I’m looking forward to exchanging emails with you from now on.

Well then!!

I’m waiting for your reply.

From Tomomi.

Pretty sweet, eh? x3

I can’t wait for her to reply again!! ^^

Well, I guess this is the end?

Happy Friendship Day everyone!

Please make sure you give your warm love to your special buddies today!! <333

Today’s Kei-chan Picture of the Day shall feature his special buddy Shige!! 8D

Hey Girl! Chirarizumu~~~

*bounce bounce bounce bounce*

Have a good day!! ^^


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