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School Schedule~ ;D

I got my school schedule in the mail today!!

Yay? xDDD;;

School starts the 2nd (Wednesday).

I’m gonna be a sophomore! 8D

Now I’m not on the bottom of the food chain anymore and I get to be a senpai!

I wonder what my freshmen-kouhais will be like?? x3


Wanna see my schedule?? :3



I created myself!

Well, I was going to use Microsoft Excel to make it but then it came out as a failure so I thought I should think outside of the box and make my own!

With the help of computer-printer paper, scissors, a pen, a ruler, many colored pencils, and creativity, it turned into this! :D

I am personally proud of my work!

If you can’t see/read it, here are my classes for each day:


(1 – 7:40~8:38) FREE

(2 – 8:42~9:40) US History I

(3 – 9:44~10:42) Physical Education II

(4 – 10:45~11:30) LUNCH

(5 – 11:34~12:32) Algebra/Geometry II

(6 – 12:36~1:34) Hypermedia

(7 – 1:38~2:36) Japanese III (Honors)

(8 – 2:37~3:00) EXTRA HELP or GO HOME


(1 – 7:40~8:38) US History I

(2 – 8:42~9:40) Physical Education II

(3 – 9:44~10:42) Principle of Science

(4 – 10:45~11:30) LUNCH

(5 – 11:34~12:32) Hypermedia

(6 – 12:36~1:34) Japanese III (Honors)

(7 – 1:38~2:36) English II

(8 – 2:37~3:00) EXTRA HELP or GO HOME


(1 – 7:40~8:38) Physical Education II

(2 – 8:42~9:40) Principle of Science

(3 – 9:44~10:42) FREE

(4 – 10:45~11:30) LUNCH

(5 – 11:34~12:32) Japanese III (Honors)

(6 – 12:36~1:34) English II

(7 – 1:38~2:36) Algebra/Geometry II

(8 – 2:37~3:00) EXTRA HELP or GO HOME


(1 – 7:40~8:38) Principle of Science

(2 – 8:42~9:40) FREE

(3 – 9:44~10:42) US History I

(4 – 10:45~11:30) LUNCH

(5 – 11:34~12:32) English II

(6 – 12:36~1:34) Algebra/Geometry II

(7 – 1:38~2:36) Hypermedia

(8 – 2:37~3:00) EXTRA HELP or GO HOME

Now I gotta explain some of the classes.

I bet I think you’re all wondering, “What the hell is ‘Hypermedia’?”

It’s simple, my dears!

Hypermedia is like a Computer class!

We do audio and video editing, creating websites, etc…

It’s a pretty cool class if you want to be a video game graphic designer! xDDD

I’m doing it so I can be a better tech-wiz! 8D

My friend Amanda recommended me this class because it’s really fun so I was persuaded by her!

And she didn’t just persuade me. She also persuaded my friend Angela to try it out, too!

Maybe we’ll be in the same class?? I hope so! ^^

Next question I bet is, “What’s ‘Free’?”

Yet again, simple!

It’s a class where I get to do whatever the hell I want!

Everything and anything!

Well, not everything and anything… xDDD;;

It’s just a period of time where you can go to the library or cafeterias and just study, do homework, and/or talk to friends!

And if you have school permission, you can go off campus and go home and rest for a bit and/or walk up to the bi-state plaza in town and grab a quick snack like Starbucks! ;)

During my Free, I enjoy listening to my iPod, doing homework so I won’t have to do it at home, and talking to my friends!


OH YES! v(^o^)v

I’m gonna love, love, love, love, love, LOOOOOOOOVE that class!! <333

Sensei is the nicest teacher in the world!

She calls me “Rika-san” in class.

Girls get “-san” and boys get “-kun”.

You can choose your Japanese name OR you can leave it as your real name.

If you choose your Japanese name, you can choose if you want it written in hiragana or katakana (I chose hiragana when I was in Japanese I last year~).

But, if you leave it as your real name, it’s automatically written in katakana (since it’s a foreign name, it gets written in katakana~).

Oh, and if you’re wondering how I went from Level I to Level III Honors (since I’m only a sophomore and it’s most likely a sophomore goes to Level II that year), sensei already knew by the middle of the year I was semi-fluent in Japanese so, yeah, I got bumped up for my high skill! :D

Pretty cool, right?

Can’t understand how the schedule works?

Let me explain in a simple matter!

For example, Monday is Day A, Tuesday is Day B, Wednesday is Day C, Thursday is Day D, and Friday is Day A again. And then, on the next Monday it’ll be Day B, and so on…

The schedule simply rotates weekly! :3

Now I bet it’s pretty easier to understand because I explained it, right?

To me, Day A is the best day on my schedule because there’s no Science and English, which are my least favorite subjects~ xP

I’m 50% excited to start school yet 50% nervous.

Shall I write the pro and cons?

What I’m looking forward to…

– Seeing all my friends

– Japanese III Honors!!

– Becoming apart of the upperclassmen

What I’m worried about…

– More homework

– Who will be in my classes

– Who will be my teachers for each class (I didn’t get who my teachers were on my schedule, the homeroom teachers give them to the students at homeroom on the first day. I hope I get good teachers and not strict, mean ones!! >_<;;)

Well, even though there’s some good sides and bad sides, I’ll try and do my very best!



I look stupid in this pic… xDDD;;

And even though the lighting sucks, look!



Well, that’s it for today.

Now it’s time for the usual…

The Kei-chan Picture of the Day!!

Hmm, maybe Koyama-sensei can help me with my homework this year?? x3

Well, he might be helpful when it comes to Literature because that’s the department he was in when he went to Meiji University!! 8D

Enjoy the last bits of your summer vacation, everyone!

Finish all that summer homework and live every last relaxing moment ’till the last day! ;D



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