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School Days…

…have started!!

Isn’t it ironic that this song came out on the first day of my school? xDDD;;

So, the summer has ended for me and I’m back to the books. Ah well, I got no choice~ xDD;;

These are the clothes I wore for today.

Ignore the party bag in the background. It was my friend Katie’ birthday today. And I thought it really sucked she had the first day on her special day so I said to her, “I know it sucks that your birthday is on the first day of school but, lighten up, PRESENTS!!!” *gives friend bag*. I got her an Amy Rose plushie because she’s a big fan of Sonic~ ;D

Anyway, back to the point!

I’m glad my mom didn’t take any close-ups on my face. My nostrils are kinda of sore and red. Yeah, I caught a (minor) cold on the first day! xDD;; It’s autumn congestion. I get it every year during October, but this year it’s early… O_O;;

Speaking of colds, Ryo-chan and Yamapi were diagnosed with Influenza Type A yesterday! D: Poor babies, I feel so bad for them! ;_; Plus the fact that “Orthos no Inu” (Ryo-chan’s current drama) and “Buzzer Beat” (Yamapi’s current drama) might have to be put on a petit-hiatus because some of their scenes haven’t been filmed for the next upcoming episodes. Well, I hope they get better real soon! <333

Back to the point before I REALLY get off-topic! Sorry. ^^;;

Today actually wasn’t Day A…it was Day E!!

Day E is only used on the first day of school so we can see what all of our classes are like since the schedule rotates subjects each day.

I’ll write down what class I had in order, the teacher, if my friends were in my class or not, and my opinion on the class.

Ready, GO!!

1st Period – FREE

Teacher : NONE

Any Friends: Yes, Emily (Note from now on: I have too many friends name “Emily” so watch out!! xDDD) from Japanese I class last year. :D She’s fashionable in my opinion and is really easy to talk to.

Class Opinion: What’s there to write? I didn’t do anything except listen to my iPod and talked to Emily! xDDD;; Though I did notice there was a lot of sophomores like us during our free~

2nd Period – US History I

Teacher: Mr. D

Any Friends: Yes, Cassandra from Phys Ed last year. :D She’s pretty and kinda shy but gets used to new people after talking to them for a bit longer.

Class Opinion: God, the atmosphere was EXTREMELY awkward when the bell to start class rang. Nobody spoke. The silence was dead as air! When the teacher took attendance and called my name first (since my last name starts with “A”), he said I had an awesome name! >DD He said it’s awesome because his daughter’s also named Haley, except it’s spelled “Hailey”. Looks like this guy’s gonna favor me…just kidding! *shot*

3rd Period – Physical Education II

Teacher: Mr. D

Any Friends: None! D:

Class Opinion: All we did is sat there and made sure the teacher had the right students in our class. This is gonna be one heck of a boring Phys Ed this year… -_-;;

4th Period – Principle of Science

Teacher: Mrs. B

Any Friends: None! D:

Class Opinion: This class is gonna be HELL!! Some people from my Life Science last year are in this class. Life Science is the class for sophomores that failed Biology in freshman year. A lot of the boys were EXTREME troublemakers and some picked on me. A few pretended to like me to piss me off ever more (Even though this is unnecessary, but when they blew kisses to me, which was absolutely disgusting by the way, I imagined of Tegoshi’s kiss/wink face and kissy wink face to make me not think about it later. :3).  Only three of the annoying boys are in this class but still, THIS CLASS WILL SUCK HARD!! -_-;;


I don’t really have to write an opinion, do I? I mean, it’s lunch! xDD;;

Anyway, today I made a new inside joke.

I had a bagel for lunch today and it was rock solid. xP So, I kept saying, “MAH BAGEL IS DIFFICULT!!!”. I mean, I bet y’all have had a difficult bagel at least once, right? Come on, people, raise those hands, I know you’re one of them! x3

5th Period – Algebra/Geometry II

Teacher: Mrs. W

Any Friends: None! D:

Class Opinion: The teacher seemed very young (around late 20s I guess) but seemed to be very professional. She did give us a worksheet for homework, but only to refresh our memories on what we remember~ ;D

6th Period – Hypermedia

Teacher and Opinion: Mr. M

Any Friends: Yes, Angela from Japanese I last year. :D An otaku like me who also enjoys classic rock music like The Beatles, Ramones, etc…

Class Opinion: This dude is friggin’ cool! 8D He reminds of someone who’s on the Geek Squad for Best Buy. He taught us how to use Photoshop to the ones who didn’t really know how to use it (and one of them were me~ xDDD;;). We played around with it and I made some pretty wicked designs for a beginner (in my opinion)! >DDD I’ll totally love this class for sure!!

7th Period – Japanese III Honors

Teacher: Mrs. F a.k.a. Sensei

Any Friends: Yes, Yuki-senpai (Hae Lim) and Mina-senpai (Emily). Yuki-senpai is a Johnny’s fan like me. She prefers KAT-TUN the most though and aims for Akanishi. Mina-senpai is an otaku, tall, and pretty cool! 8D

Class Opinion: This class is major LOVE!!  Good thing I ain’t the youngest though. There are actually two other sophomores like me in the class (That’s a relief!)!! Though today I felt overwhelmed in the class. Not because of the speaking, but because of the older people in my class and everyone was chatting so much back and forth! >_<;; Ah well, I’ll get use to it in few days and feel like my “usual” self as always in Japanese! x3

8th Period – English II

Teacher: Mr. T

Any Friends: None! D:

Class Opinion: This dude is pretty cool, too! One, he’s eco-friendly! He told us the only way we can have water bottles is if the container is one of those reusable bottles and not the plastic ones. He said the plastic ones can harm your health if you drink out of them over and over again. Two, he’s a Beatles fan!! The way he set up his classes to make them easier to remember, he named all the four classes he teaches after the band members! Class One is John Lennon, Class Two is Paul McCartney, Class Three is George Harrison, and Class Four (which is my class) is Ringo Starr!! Pretty neat, eh? Well, at least I won’t feel embarrassed if I wear my Rolling Stones t-shirt in that class. And if I wear my mom’s Yellow Submarine t-shirt one day in his class, he’ll might give me extra credit! *shot* Just kidding again~

And that’s the first day. Tomorrow’s the real thing, Day A.

Also, I changed my blog appearance!! :D

I was bored of my old one and wanted something cooler and funkier so I chose this one~ 8D

Hope y’all enjoy my renewed blog from now on~ ;D

I’ll end it right here for today because it’s almost time for dinner~~~~

Since today I’m a bit sick, today’s Kei-chan Picture of the Day is PERFECT!!

Nurse Koyama can nurse me back to health!

He looks SOOOOOO cute in a nurse outfit!! <333


Bye-nyaaaaan~~ :3


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  1. * Chii says:

    rika-chan^0^ its been a while huh???^^ anyway~ I always read your blog and i read you started school~ so^^ gambare!~^^

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 10 months ago

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