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It’s 9/9/09 day today!! :D :D :D

Did you know nine’s my second favorite/lucky number?

Because of the three nine’s in my birthdate~ (4/29/1994)

By the way, my most favorite/lucky number is four because the two four’s in my birthdate (4/29/1994) and I like even numbers! 8D

Anyway, back onto the topic!

So, today’s 9/9/09 day *clap clap clap* and there’s three very cool (in my opinion) events happening today.

Number One.

Beatles Day!

Today The Beatles are remastering every single song they’ve released onto an album!


The Beatles: Rock Band video game is being released today!

All you video game, Rock Band, and/or Beatles lovers, buy it!! ;D

I love The Beatles!!

I’ve been listening to them ever since first grade. I think my first song I’ve ever heard by them was either “Love Me Do” or “Help!”. I can’t really remember which but I know it was one of them~

Also, for eighth grade graduation the whole class decided to make an album on each students favorite songs. I chose “Strawberry Fields Forever” by The Beatles~ :D

So what if I like The Beatles?

Classic rock is AWESOME!!!

Yes, I was raised on my parents’ music and I’m proud of it! x3

Number Two.

Happy 27th Birthday to Otsuka Ai!!

Omedetou Ai-chan! <333

I love her music!

Her voice is so cute!

Today on my iPod her songs did appear when I shuffled~

I listened to “Renai Shashin”, “Frienger”, and “Sakuranbo”.

If your gonna start becoming a fan of her, you should definitely listen to “Sakuranbo” first. It’s her highest selling single (with 527,674 overall copies sold) and is well-known by all Ai-chan fans.

Ooh! Tomorrow’s the sixth anniversary since her debut single “Momo no Hanabira” so congrats to that, too!

Yay for Ai-chan!! <333

Number Three.

The 10th anniversary release of Morning Musume’s highest selling single, “LOVE Machine”, has finally came!! *dances*

I bet all you MoMusu otakus were definitely waiting for this to come! ;3

“LOVE Machine”, Morning Musume’s 7th single, released September 9th, 1999.

The debut single of 3rd Generation member Goto Maki and the departure single of 1st Generation member Ishiguro Aya.

1,646,630 copies were sold and it was a massive hit!!

Congrats to the 1oth anniversary of LOVE Machine!

May the power of MoMusu live on forever!

And that’s it so I’ll wrap it up here with the Kei-chan Picture of the Day. Since today’s post was celebrating music, let’s make it musical-related!

Kei-chan listening to some sweet tunes!

Ahh, the feeling of listening to your iPod/music player is very relaxing, ne?

Listening to my iPod is one of my most happiest moments! v(^o^)v

And that’s it for today. This is Rika Chihara, signing off, hoping everyone has a good 9/9/09 day today! ;D


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