Rikappi's Room ♥

Rikappi wo ABAKE!! x3

You all know the popular “Abake” corner the Shounen Club does, right?

Well, this is what you get when you give me a black sharpie, a piece of computer paper, tape, scissors, and a blindfold~~~ ;D


I really have no life, do I? x3

Well, just wanted to show you this because I felt like it and I thought it wasn’t a bad idea to show~~

NEWS’s first Abake! v(^o^)v

Kei-chan and Notti just love to butt in and be the center of attention, ne? :3

NEWS’s most recent Abake. Poor Shige, everyone’s teasing him and Kei-chan fell out of his chair and tried to find it blind. xDDD

Sankyoudai wo Abake!

It’s the subgroup of K8 Yoko, Yasu, and Subaru are apart of.

Although I’m not a fan of k8, this is just hilarious! xDDD

Might as well make the Kei-chan Picture of the Day Abake-related, right?



This picture totally screams A-DORK-A-BLE!

No sh*ts or butts about that, indeed! *nods*



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