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Rikappi DESU!!

Wow, I’ve been more active when it comes to blogging, haven’t I?

I think Eva-chin inspired me after that Birthday Picture Challenge she did on her blog.

So, I guess it’s all thanks to her for getting me motivated!

Thank you, Eva-chin! ;D

So, another week of school has ended and I got an Al/Geo quiz on Monday on angles which I shall not study for this weekend. :D

Al/Geo’s one of my good subjects and I get very good grades in that class so it’ll be no sweat! ;D

Speaking of grades, here’s what my grades look like so far for the first marking period:

US History A-

Principle of ScienceA

Algebra/Geometry IIA


Japanese III HonorsA+

English IIA

Straight As!!!! >DDD

Looks like someone’s getting an Honor Roll this marking period~~~

And look!

A+ in Japanese III Honors!!

Yeah, baby, yeeeeeeeah~~~~ >DDD

Onto the next topic. :3

Dad ordered a brand new 52″ screen television for our family room so we had to rearrange the furniture around.

We used to put our old television in this closet-thingy and I got a good idea…



Muahahahahaha. >DDD

I know, I’m a freak. x3

See yaaaaa~~~


I love fitting into things like those!

As long as it’s not a small and narrow space, that’s a total NG for me. xP

I can also fit into the gym locker at my school!

I tried it on the first day of freshman year and I was really giddy.

I was like, “I fit in!!” :D :D :D

‘Cause a 172 cm 15-year old girl like me can’t fit into places like that normally. x3

And…that’s it.

Just wanted to show y’all this for fun! v(^o^)v

Well, you know the usual after this~~~


Kei-chan, kakkoii!! <333

I like–no–love those adult expressions he does!

Very sexy!

I’m outta here!

See y’all laters~~~~~~~ ;D


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