Rikappi's Room ♥

YO! What’s for dinner tonight?

I wanna PUMPkin!



This is the perfect song for this holiday, ne?

Anyway, Happy Halloween everyones!!

As you know, I said I’m going as Haruhi this year, right?

Well, yesterday at school everyone got to wear their costumes for the annual Costume Contest (which I did not enter in) and I wore mine! Here’s a picture from yesterday:

Nobuta Power, enter! xDDD *shot*

Surprisingly, there weren’t that many anime cosplayers this year. Kinda shocking. O_O

A girl from my art class thought I was Sailor Moon. xDDD;;

But, in all and all, everyone said I looked very cute! v(^o^)v

Isn’t it great that Halloween is just another excuse for otakus to cosplay?


Today I’m planning to go to Long Island for trick-or-treating with my childhood friends. <333

I can’t wait to see them! ^^

Well, even though this is a short post, have a very scary Happy Halloween everybody!

Let’s see what Kei-chan wore for his costume this year, shall we…? x3


Nekoyama is super kawaii~!! <333


Happy Halloween!! v(^o^)v


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