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Yay! Another double-number day with fun holidays!! :D

First off…


Pocky Day!!

Since the pocky sticks look like ones, it’s Pocky Day!! ;D

Pocky is so yummy, ne? <333

Pocky, pocky, pocky!!

God, about how many times am I gonna keep repeating the word “pocky”? xDDD;;

Besides that, there’s also…birthdays!! :D

Two in fact! :O

Happy Birthday to…

Tanaka Reina, who turned 20, from Morning Musume and…

Tegoshi Yuya, who turned 22, from NEWS!!


Omedetou!! *clap clap clap*

Iyaa, but still, I can’t imagine Reina-chan being 20 and Tegocchi being 22 now!

They’re more like Eternal 17 and Eternal 19, don’t you think?

Maybe they look younger because they have such pretty faces!

Ooh! Did you hear? Reina-chan’s gonna voice again for another anime called “Kaito Reinya”!!

Here’s a summary of the story from this article:

Modeled after Morning Musume’s Tanaka Reina, with her Hakata-ben, the self-indulgence phantom thief, and the stupid police, will unfold the non-sense short comedy.
Kaito Reinya is normally a clerk in a “Faminya” convenient store. With her sidekick Chu-Taro (A mouse), they come up with their treasure stealing plans in their hideout under the store.
Near the Faminya is the Dai Edo Police station. There, the indecent inspector, delusional detective, and airhead policewomen dumb trio are persistent on catching Reinya, but are fooled every time due to their stupidity. Kaito Reinya is the non-sense comedy about these people.

Also, here’s a picture from the press conference:

In my opinion, I think this anime suits Reina-chan!

Not just because it’s modeled after her, but because the mischievous black cat feeling since Reina-chan has a sneaky image and her face indeed looks cat-like! :3

I’m definitely gonna watch this!

Can’t wait to see it! ^^

Well, before I get too off-topic…

Happy Birthday to the Badass Princess and Erotic Prince!! v(^o^)v

And…I guess that’s it for now.

I’m kinda tired from today since I had a lot of homework and I had to stay at school to do extra work on this big project we have in Hypermedia. -_-;;

Since it’s Tegocchi’s b-day today, let’s add some Tego-ness to the Kei-chan Picture of the Day, shall we?

Tegoshi Yuya–err, I mean, Yuko–steals a kiss on Kei-chan’s cheek! :O

Although I’m jealous it’s soooo kawaii!! :3

Koyatego’s so cute!

They have a fluff-like image to me! *fluff-fluff*

Damn! I’m getting horny as well! x3

I think Tegoshi Yuko’s my new rival and the new rival for all those Kei-chan fans out there like me! >DDD *shot*

Kidding~~ xDDD

I gotta learn the Murarisuto dance, too!

It’s kinda harder than Chirarizumu but I’ll do my best! >:3

Ganbarii!! *mura mura*

*yawn* See ya some other time. Hopefully I’ll be more energetic~~~ ;D


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