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Oh Crap! xDDD;;

I feel so embarrassed right now.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this embarrassed until now!

Okay, so here’s the story.

So, it’s after lunch and I have Hypermedia class (Day B). When I went inside, my teacher seemed happy to see me. I went to log in to my computer and he comes up to me and says, “Oh yeah, Haley, I saw your blog.”.

First thing that came out was, “Eh? What do you mean?”

He was then all like, “Oh yesterday I was searching pictures of kanji characters on Google Images (his brother has studied in Japan before) and for some odd reason, there was a picture of you and it led me to your blog!”

Next thing that came out from me was, “Oh god! Are you serious!?”

He was indeed serious. He said it was pretty cool that I have been doing it for 2 years and I just felt totally embarrassed the whole time.

Now I feel weird that my teacher knows I write a blog. I wonder if he’ll still read it? Because if he’s reading it right now, he might tell me next class I meet him… xDDD;;

So, now that I’ve told you this story, I can tell you this story.

I started to watch Hana Kimi during the Thanksgiving break!

It’s pretty funny! Kind of like Ouran in a way! ;D

Plus Otsuka Ai’s “PEACH” is the ending theme!! <333

And while I was watching…it seems that…

I’ve fallen in love (again)! With an actor from the drama!

It was…

Yamamoto Yusuke, the role of Kayashima Taiki!

Kyaaaa!! Yusuke-kun’s so handsome!

His adorable smile captured my heart!

Super cute, desho?? :D

I also found out that…

He like Winnie the Pooh! Heck, he even collects Pooh goods!

OMG, cute, cute, cute, CUUUUUTE!!!!

Now it makes me love Pooh even more! <333

I love boys that have cute sides this!

Now you might ask, “Hey, Rika, what about your extreme Kei-chan obsession? Are you over him?”. Actually, I’m not! I still LOOOOOVE Kei-chan to bits! And a love like that just can’t be broken, ne? :3

It’s finally December! Yaaaay!

Wow, ’09 is almost over already? That was fast!

It’s almost been a year since I became a JE fan! :D *claps*

And now that it’s December, Christmas is coming!! Only 24 days to go!

I’m definitely gonna be extra, extra good for Santa this year! x3

Plus I got an advent calendar like I do each year from my aunt and uncle so I can count off the days!

And now, the Kei-chan Picture of the Day revives~

Ooh! He’s got a big bag there! I wonder what’s inside?

Maybe there’s something in there for me! x3

Just kidding, just kidding~ xDDD

Ciao!! ;D


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