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My recent blog entry titles sound so sweet, ne? :3

Anyway, onto business!

Today I went to my “big sister” Kim’s apartment for a tree trimming party with my mom. A lot of her family was there, too. It was a few friends, her parents, in-laws, her younger brother, sister-in-law, and her newborn niece (which shall be the main highlight for this entry)!

Her brother recently had a baby around early September so they came to visit all the way from Chicago. And here’s the catch, Kim’s sister-in-law, Fumie, is Japanese so the baby was half-American, half-Japanese!!

Kyaaaaa!! <333

The baby’s name is Mia. I guess she was given that name because it can both be an American and Japanese name.

And guess who got to hold her? Yup, I diiiiiid!! x3

Plus, it was my very first time holding a baby!

It felt so amazing! She was so small, soft, and very warm!

At first I was really nervous, but then I got used to it! ^^

Babies are lighter than I thought they would be, too! A few days ago I asked my friends, “What’s it like holding a baby?” and they reply with, “They’re heavy, plus you gotta be really careful while holding them.”

I even asked Mia-chan’s mama Fumie if she was gonna learn Japanese (since she’s half). Fumie said she’s gonna teach her when she gets older though. I even asked her if I can be her older sister, and she agreed. xDDD;;

Look how small her hands are!! Everytime I showed her my finger, she kept grabbing it and then squeezed it. I also realized Mia-chan’s nails are sharp even though they’re so tiny. She pricked me a few times with them. xDDD;;

This is me and Mia-chan.

Isn’t she the cutest thing!?

I hope I can see her again sometime soon!

Mia-chan daisuki!! *chu* <333

Well, catch ya later, everyone! Hopefully during winter break~ :3

Kei-chan and his total wtf moment. xDDD

Cute, cute, cute, CUUUUTE!! <333


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