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Happy New *coughbelatedcough* Year!! :D

First post of the year, so exciting! ^^

Hmm…what to write, what to write, *dramatic gasp* I KNOOOOW!! :D

Okay, it seems that a light snowfall has came to the little of town of Harrington Park again with 1 to 3 inches. No snow days, no delays, nothing. Ah well! Me ish still positive!! >DDD

Pretty snow! Pretty-pretty snow! ^^

So, since I was bored, mama and I went outside a few minutes ago and took some fun-shots.

Here’s a few:

Q: What was Rikappi looking for?

A (from Rikappi): Uhhh…the meaning of life!! >DDD

Serious face. Lol. Always wanted to try something like this since I’m always showing a happy-go-lucky smile. :D

Smiles again. Happy-happy! <3

(Note: This is my new picture for the “Who’s Rika Chihara?” page. I updated it a bit~ ;D)

Sorry about the weird lighting of these pics, my digital camera can sometimes be a bitch. ^^;;

Anyway, that’s it.

Just wanted to show you something fun~

See y’alls!

Ah, before I go, I mustn’t forget the first Kei-chan Picture of the Day of 2010!!


I just can’t get enough of this man! x3

Handsome. Just purely handsome.

And he’s turning 26 this year!


He still looks so young though! D:

If I looked at him for the very first time without knowing ANY single thing about him (besides age) or anything like that, I’d say, “He’s turning 26 this year!? He looks more like a fresh 20-year old to me~”

But that’s just my opinion~ ;D

Well, see ya next time!

Jyaa ne~ <3


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