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Another tiring day.

Hey, is there anyone besides me that had to go to school on Monday? ‘Cause all my non-school friends got the day off! I wanna kick their asses so bad! >_<;;

Had my Driver’s Ed State Exam today. I gotta get an 80 or higher to make the grade so I can get my permit. Bleh. I think I did okay. I’m getting the results Friday, the first day of the third marking period. And that’s the day I start Health class, too. Yay? O_O;;

Besides that, the rest of this week, starting tomorrow, is gonna be pretty hectic.

That’s because of…


(It’s kinda blurry so you may not be able to read it. Sorry. -_-;;)

First up is U.S. History and Japanese.

Luckily exams don’t start until 9:25. History in the morning until 11, then lunch until 11:55, then Japanese until 1:30, and then we get to go home.

Well, at least we get to go home early, that’s a good sign.

Thursday: English (Morning), Science (Afternoon)

Friday: Algebra/Geometry (Morning), Regular Day shortened (Afternoon)

Yeah, for some odd reason the school staff are being assholes and making us go to classes on Friday after the Al/Geo exam. Poo.

Blargh. Me + Studying = Not a pretty mix.

Well, I’ll do my best studying for History. Japanese I won’t ’cause it’s gonna be a cinch~ x3

Since I get home early from exams, I’ll update my blog those days with “Midterm Status Reports” ’cause I’m that nice! ;D

Look forward to it!

It’s January 19th and today’s a double-whammy for birthdays!! :D

First up…

Ishikawa Rika turns 25!


She’s so pretty! :3

Iyaa, Rika-chan’s amazing, ne?

The power of Charmy Ishikawa shall last forever! v(^o^)v

Next up is a personal favorite of mine~~~~

Yamamoto Yusuke turns 22!

Yusuke-kun, my darling!!

I don’t really talk about him that much, do I? I should!! xDDD;;


Help!! There’s another victim in need of rescue! xDDD;;

Congrats to them! ;D

Well, wish me luck, guys, see you tomorrow!

And here’s some extra encouragement for myself, Kei-chan!


He must of had fun on that bike ride~

You wanna know the reason why I can’t ride a bike? I never got out of the training wheels! My balance sucked as a child! xDDD;;

Catch ya laters~~~~


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