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Midterm Status Reports: Day 1

Just got back home from first day of midterms. I think everything went pretty well. :3

U.S. History was okay so I’m guessing I got at least an 80. As for Japanese, it was cinch! High 90, no doubt about that! x3

Tomorrow’s English in the morning and Science in the afternoon. Hope it goes well!


Today once again, ANOTHER awesome birthday was celebrated~


Yaguchi Mari!!

She turned 27 today, yaaaaaay!!

Omedetou, my beloved Yagu-chan!! v(^o^)v

Yagu-chan, your sexy yet adorkable chibi power shall last FOREVER!! :3

And, that’s it for today. Now it’s time for my sexy Kei-chan to appear! Douzo!

Hmm, very sexy indeed!

When I get older, get married and look back at this, I know I’ll be definitely thinking, “Oh yeah, I remember I was extremely obsessed with him back then. Wow, pretty embarrassing.”

See ya tomorrow! ;D


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