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Midterm Status Reports: Day 2

Another day of midterms comes and goes.

Today was English and Science. English, probably an 80 or so. Science, high 80 to a low 90. That class is way too easy because I’m in a class of students that never care in class and have low grades. *shotfornariccissm*

Tomorrow’s the last one, Algebra/Geometry. One thing I don’t get about Al/Geo, variables are letters. English and Math should NOT mix!! >_<;;

I wore my ribbon today. I got a lot of ribbon power from it! :3

Don’t ask why I have a paper clip in my mouth, I was bored, I got it from my Science midterm, and I wanted to spice of my picture a bit. ^^;;

Oh yeah, today’s another fantabulous day!

No, it’s not another birthday again. xDDD;;


Koyama Keiichiro’s 9th Anniversary of being a JE idol!!


Nine years have passed since Kei-chan entered, ne? I believe I was 6 at that time~

To think a dorky boy like this…

(Please refer to the cute dork on the right~ x3)

Can turn into a sexy man like this…

Is just simply AWESOME!! >DDD

I bet some of you don’t know how he got into Johnny’s so allow me to tell the story of his journey to JE…

(I put it in story form to make it sound interesting and some of this information I got was from watching Shounen Club Premium when Kei-chan was on it~)

Nine years ago, there was a 16-year old boy living in Sagamihara, Kanagawa with his parents, older sister Miki, and pet cat Nyanta. His name was Koyama Keiichiro and was the son of his family’s ramen restaurant, Ryutaro. When Keiichiro had to apply for high school entrance exams, he failed the exam for the school he wanted to go to the most. Because Keiichiro’s older sister Miki felt bad for her younger brother, who was crying at least everyday because he went to a high school he didn’t want to go to, she tried liven Keiichiro’s gloomy days as much as possible. Since Keiichiro would do anything when he was weak, Miki would put make up on him and dress him up for fun. With Keiichiro all dolled up, Miki decided to take a picture of him like that and sent it with an application to Johnny’s Entertainment, without telling him.

Two months later, Keiichiro got a reply back that he passed the first round. The day he got the reply was the day he could audition. For some odd reason, Keiichiro thought JE’s image were boys with blond hair and pierced ears. He thought if he had blond hair and pierced ears, he’d stand out and be popular. So, Keiichiro bought some hair dye and dyed his hair and borrowed one of Miki’s earrings and then he was off to the audition.

At the audition, there were at least 300 people there. They were all split into groups A, B, C, D, E, and F for dancing, with A being the group of good dancers. Keiichiro was put into group E. Since Keiichiro was in the near bottom, he thought it was pretty bad and he decided to rebel. He acted like he didn’t know the moves so he told the dance instructor, “I don’t know the moves.” and was taught the moves properly. But, when it was time to dance, Keiichiro was suddenly move to group A.

Afterward, all of the boys were put into one room and an old man walked in who was no other than the “world famous” Johnny-san who said his famous line, “I’m Johnny.” As they were all leaving when the audition ended, Keiichiro was stopped by Johnny-san and he said, “YOU, I hate your blond hair and pierced hair.” Keiichiro was shocked. His image of JE was all messed up. Johnny-san continued. “YOU, get rid of that blond hair and pierced by next week. Come to *such-and-such* studio.” Keiichiro did so and got rid of the hairstyle and earring and went to where he was doing.

At the studio, with his black hair and unpierced ear, there were about five other boys and they took photos in the studio. A week later, without being told anything, Keiichiro was in a magazine as a “fresh Jr.”

And that’s how Keiichiro’s adventure as an idol began…

Blah, sorry. I rambled too much and made it super-detailed. xDDD;;

Since I already have a picture up, no Kei-chan Picture of the Day shall be needed~

Well, see ya tomorrow, hope you enjoyed my story! ;D


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