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Midterm Status Reports: Day 3

Long day. But good news is, midterms are over!! :D

The Al/Geo exam was shorter than I thought it would be… O_O;;

And since the school staff were being bitchy, we had (shortened) classes afterwards. Blech.

But, no worry, when school ended…me and my gang went to Starbucks!!

Yay for their awesome mocha fraps!! x3

Okay so it’s (somewhat) obvious I’m the one with the ring. And clockwise (to my left) is Hanna, Cassie, Candance, Katie, and back to me.

Same order as the previous picture. ;D

At first I thought we were all just going to Starbucks. But, it seems the caffeine really kicked into them so we invaded Morning Glory across the street. ^^;;

But still, I like that store. I mean…

…how can you ignore the awesome cuteness of this shop!? x3

Unfortunately after browsing in there for about, I dunno, 15 minutes, we were kicked out for being annoying but that’s just bullshit ’cause we weren’t doing anything wrong. -_-;;

And after that, we all headed to Blockbuster and while we were there, Candance and Katie broke a shelf of video games and had to clean it up. Lol, don’t worry, they didn’t get in trouble but it was hella funny. xDDD


They had New Moon merchandise on the shelves!!

I was so excited so asked Hanna to take a picture of this but she just blankly stared at me afterwards (she’s anti-Twilight, so is Katie).

Sorry if I look like a freak… ^^;;

And, that was it. Mom picked me up and now I’m writing this. Next time, I do get-together with my friends, invite them over to my house or go over to theirs. It was kinda hectic, but still, very fun!

And last but not least, the usual ender…

OMG, exposed and well-toned arms! Kyaaaaaa!! :D :D :D

Kei-chan’s just positively dreamy~ *faints*

And that ends my Midterms Status Reports. I’m glad I actually managed to keep this up for three straight days! *pats self on the back*

Good night~ <333


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