Rikappi's Room ♥

Meganekko! 8D

Just got back from my optometrist.

I got new frames!! :D

They’re black!

I feel like I’m gonna wear them more than my old ones, that’s a definite~ xDDD

I like black-framed glasses better, they make you more smarter-er! x3

Ooh, ooh!

After 3 years, I finally started drawing in sketchbooks again! :D

My friends Katie and Hanna have sketchbooks that they bring to school everyday and some of their drawings are our friends and I thought, “I wanna draw my friends, too!”. So, I found a empty sketchbook in my room that was never used and I began on it last night~

I named it Oliver. :D

I dunno why I gave it that name but it’s my favorite name for a boy~ <3

And…that’s it.

Tomorrow I shall be posting again, with a very big surprise~~

Flowers. Very colorful flowers.




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