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The Birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Mama and I have been planning before break that we would definitely go into the city one day on her day-off for work. So, we bought two bus tickets and headed to NYC to see a show on Broadway.

Look, mama, look! I saw that! :D

(Note: I’m pointing to “West Side Story”, not “Chicago” just in case if I confused you~)

Originally, we thought we were definitely gonna get tickets for “Mamma Mia!”, “In The Heights”, or “Chicago”. Unfortunately, by the time we got to tkts (we arrived around 10 a.m.), they was hardly anything on the list! I was pretty surprised “Phantom of the Opera” was still on the list despite it’s high popularity, I thought that would of been sold out and “Chicago” would still be there.

Luckily, mama had a loophole.

Yesterday she was on Facebook and got in contact with a friend who puts up the signs for the shows. So, instead of waiting on line for at two hours and all shows ended up being sold out by the time it was our turn, he got inside the box and got us three half-price tickets for the show “Memphis”. And guess what? He got us orchestra seats, 8th row!! Mom was really happy so she took him and me out for some drinks at a cafe.

The name of the place was “Dean & Deluca”. I ordered a hot chocolate, which turned out to be white chocolate rather than your standard milk chocolate, but it was really bad. xP Ah, well. Thanks again, mom’s friend! Hope to see you again soon! ;D

After the snacks, mama promised me she’d take me to Kinokuniya which is my shopping paradise for Japan-related goods. And look what I bought:

Tegomass’s first album, “Tegomass no Uta”!!

My mom complained that I was burning a hole in my pocket (since it cost $37 plus tax) but it’s not my fault albums imported from Japan are so pricey in the U.S.! But, all in all, I’m glad I bought it since the songs are great on this album!

Oh, and did you hear? Tegomass is doing their second concert tour starting in May! Can’t wait to hear the fan reports!! :3

So, after shopping, we went to lunch. We had food at the Ellen’s Stardust Diner.

It’s a 50’s-styled diner and the waiters and waitresses, or as they call “stardusters”, sing for the customers. The food…not that really great, plus it kinda expensive so be careful on what you’re gonna order~

And then, it was time for the show!!

Since it’s was my aunt’s (mom’s older sister) birthday today, mama invited her to see a show so that’s who the third ticket was for~

We waited in line to get in the theater for about…15 minutes?

That’s what the stage looked like before it started. Mama told me to take pictures of the stage but i told her photography was prohibited in the theater but she pleaded. The minute I got the picture, one of the ushers told me to shut off my camera. I told you so, mama! xDDD;;

So, what’s “Memphis” about?

Here’s a description I took from their page on Broadway.com:

“Set in the turbulent south in the 1950s, Memphis is the story of Huey Calhoun, a white radio DJ whose love of good music transcends race lines and airwaves. Thanks in part to his passionate persistence, ‘race’ music reaches the center of the radio dial, quickly exploding throughout mainstream America. But when Huey falls for a beautiful black singer he has set on the path to stardom, whether the world is really ready for this music, and their love, is put to the test.”

We didn’t know anything about the show but by the end of it, we LOVED it! It was amazing! I was completely blown away by the performance. It was lively, colorful, energetic, funny, had amazing music, I just loved it! Probably another one of my favorite Broadway shows I’ve ever seen!

“Memphis” is at the Shubert Theater, 225 West 44th Street, New York, NY. If you wanna see a new show, go see this! It was absolutely amazing and was definitely worth it! ;D

Blargh, I’m tired. I’m writing this, uploading photos on Facebook, and putting “Tegomass no Uta” on my iTunes as we speak. Multi-tasking is pretty tough when you exhausted after having fun for a whole day! >_<;;

No Kei-chan Picture of the Day. Too tired and I still have a lot to do. I shall definitely put one up on the next post, I promise!

Good night~ *yawns*


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