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Lucky! ☆

Uwaa, I haven’t blogged in the past three week!? It feels WAY longer than that! I need to blog more often! >_<;;

Anyway, today’s March 17th. Happy St. Patty’s Day!! :D

Did everyone wear something green today? ‘Cause I diiiiiiiiiiid~

I felt like doing a “Tegoshi desu!” pose~ *shot* xDDD;;

It’s easy being green! :3

And yet again, I’m wearing a hairband with a ribbon. This one looks like a zipper if you look at it closer so it gives a rock-style to it! Hairbands with ribbons are AWESOME! I love to collect them ever since I got my bangs back in December. I hope I can collect a lot more! <3

And yes, I’m am Irish, but only a little bit. My main ancestry is Russian~ xDDD;;

My [real] name is Irish, too! It means “intelligence” and I do live up to my own name since I’m a smarticle! 8D

Putting this side, there’s been a LOT of good news for our beloved NEWS. Here’s a list:

– New single “Sakura Girl” comes out March 31st

– Tegomass’s second concert tour begins May 1st

– New mini-album “Tegomass no Ai” comes out April 21st

– Shige will play his very first main role in a new upcoming drama series that’ll begin April 9th called “TROUBLEMAN”

– Ryo-chan will play in his very first movie as the main role for the movie “Chonmage Purin” which comes out this summer

– Kei-chan will become a reporter for a program called “news every.” that features him interacting with people that have disabilities (similar to him doing sign language for last year’s “24 Hour Television” and begins March 29th

I’m REALLY excited for Kei-chan the most (of course, duh). When I watched him on “24 Hour Television” last summer, I was completely blown away. He was pure, friendly, and honest when he was with the deaf children he was working with. I was so amazed, it moved me to tears! I felt like I saw the true Kei-chan while watching the show. And as months passed, he kept studying sign language to this very day which makes me think he truly loves it and is very passionate with it! It made me want to learn it, too (which I would like to start soon)! :D

Best of luck to all the members!

Is that a spoon in his mouth? I can’t really tell to be honest with you~ ^^;;

It’s from NEWS’s 2010 calendar. Kei-chan said he wanted to show off his true self while taking pictures for the calendar and I think he came out very handsome when I saw the other pictures! :D

See ya! ;D


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