Rikappi's Room ♥

Rikappi no Uta♪

Konnichinya~! :3

It’s spring, it’s sunny, and I’m home alone! xDDD;; What to do? Well, I gotta study for a Health test that’s tomorrow so I’ll do that after this is done. But, after a year and two months, I released a solo dub!! :D :D :D

*claps* I feel so proud of myself!!

The song I did was…

“Miso Soup” by Tegomass, the English Version!

Iyaa, I was nervous at first but as I kept singing, it makes me remember how much fun it is to do solo dubs again! <3

Next time I hope I can do one with the PV~

Oh yeah, today’s March 21st. It’s been three years since NEWS came back from their hiatus with their sixth single, “Hoshi wo Mezashite”.

I used the limited edition cover instead ’cause I like it better than the normal edition~ x3

It’s such a great song and fits them real well after what’s happened to them.

NEWS is forever… <3

Well, better get to studying~~~

Buh-bye deeeeesu~~~ :D


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