Rikappi's Room ♥

Natural? :D

It’s been really warmin’ up these days with the weather! I’m lovin’ it! :D

Today’s fashion theme is monotone, a mix of blacks and whites. Gives it a mature yet childish feeling, doesn’t it?

This is what my hairband looks like up-close. It’s a ribbon! My favorite! <3

Earrings. Sorry, it’s kinda blurry since it *might* be a too bit close. ^^;;

I named this post “natural” because I’m really into Perfume’s newest song “Natural ni Koishite”. Oh wait, I think I forgot to tell you guys but, I’ve started listening to Perfume! I love them!!

I love this PV!!

The song is cute, the dance is cute, the fashion is cute, everything is just so cute!! v(^o^)v

It’s finally April! My favorite-est month! Only 27  more days and I’ll finally be 16! And yes, I’m doing a Sweet 16 this year. And you know what’s cool about it? The party’s on May 1st, Kei-chan’s birthday!! That makes me super-duper happy! :3

Can’t wait for the big day!!

This look is so cuuuuuuute!!

“Kei is not pleased!” x3

Bye-chu! <3


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