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Oichi!! x3

Spring vacation has finally come for me and I got a lot to tell today!

Okay, to start it off, yesterday I had a Japan Club meeting after school. The event was a J-Pop Festival. Club members got to sing (either solo or as a band) and guess who was a performer? That’s right, me! :D :D :D I sang °C-ute’s “Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu”~

Oh god, I was such a nervous wreck while performing! You may not have seen it, but my hand that was hold the microphone was shaking like crazy!! D: Even though I enjoy doing karaoke in front of people, I haven’t done it in a long time so I was a bit scared. >_<;;

Buuuuut, there were special guests that visited us from Keio Academy of New York! Keio Academy is a bilingual Japanese-English high school in Westchester and 4 boys that were a band played for us. They played two songs. I forgot the title of the first song but the second one was “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana and I got so excited! The vocalist didn’t memorize some of the lyrics so he had to use a sheet of paper to sing some of them, but he did very well!

When they finished performing, Sensei said I should go talk to them but I was nervous to go by myself so she introduced me to them and I was really shaky. I said they were good (in Japanese, of course) and they said I was good also and that my Japanese was very good, too. When I asked their ages, the vocalist was 16, the bassist was 17, the drummer was 15(?), and the guitarist was also 15. I was surprised because I thought all of them we’re older than me! :O

After the show there was food and stuff so people got to eat and talk. So, I gathered up all my courage and sat at the table the vocalist and the guitarist was sitting at. Oh yeah, the vocalist’s name is Yasuhisa and the guitarist’s name is Yuki. They were so nice! Especially Yasuhisa (Yuki seemed a bit shy)! They also asked if I’ve been to Japan and I replied that I haven’t but I am going this summer (it’s true, I’m going from June 28th to July 6th, so exciting, can’t wait!).

So then Yasuhisa and I really started to chat a lot and he was so friendly! We talked about anime, manga, J-Pop, what Tokyo is like, and lot of other things about Japanese pop culture! Since he’s going to Japan also in July, I’m gonna get to see him in Tokyo! He said he’ll show me around Harajuku and Shibuya~ xDDD

But then, it was time to go home so I exchanged email addresses with him. I asked him if I could call him “Yasu-kun” for short and he said he’ll call me “Rika-chan”. Kyaa! He was such a sweet guy! All my Japanese friends are girls so this is the first time it’s a guy! He seems very nice, so I hope we get to know a lot about each other! :3

Okay, next topic.

Ten years ago, Shounen Club aired it’s very first episode!! Wow, ten years! Sugoi, ne? I watched the first episode today and thought to myself,”The NHK Hall really does change easily in a decade!” 8D

Just a clip from one of the “Nekketsu Jr. League” segments. Gotta love the Jr.’s wackiness! And Kisumai is hella funny! Koyamaru MC for the win!! >DDD

And the final topic is…

Happy 25th Birthday to Yamashita Tomohisa!!

Omedetou Yamapi! <3

When I was watching the first Shokura earlier I was amazed at the fact how skinny his body was and how high his voice was when he was my age! Total “SHOCK ME” moment! :O

Oh, Yamapi, you’re always the yummiest member~ ♥

Let’s get some Koyamapi love, shall we?

I hope summer comes soon! x3

Oh yeah, I’m finally going to that anime convention I was talking about in February on Sunday!! That’s gonna be loads of fun! I’ll try to make a post about when I get back from it so, look forward to it! ;D


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