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Castle Point Anime Convention 2010

I would of done a post on this yesterday but I was so butt tired so I couldn’t. D:

So, yesterday I had my first experience at an anime convention.

Castle Point Anime Convention 2010.

The Programming Schedule.

It. Was. Awesome.

I went six of my friends and was gonna meet up with my other friends from Long Island.

My Gang

– Myself

– Candance

– Katie

– Emily

– Angela

– Emma

– Elizabeth

Other Gang

– Sarah

– Jamie

– Veronica

– Maggie

– Ryan

So, yeah. Another girl was gonna be in my group, Julia, but Angela said she couldn’t make it ’cause she had to do “things”.

And so, my gang and I were off…to the preregistration line. It took shorter then I thought it would…

My ridiculously awesome badge. Yeah, uh-huh, I know you’re jealous. x3 There were a few types you could choose from and each different badge had different anime characters. I chose Dokuro-chan ’cause that’s one of my favorite violent animes~

This is the info center where we hung out most of the time.

We found Sarah’s gang and she was dressed in gothic lolita like me. Plus she had a sign that said “Free Hugs”.

So, our first stop was the Open DDR. Katie tried battling out with some random chick but she didn’t win. ;_; She said it was hard to use the mat ’cause it was different from the ones she usually dances on.

Next stop, Dealer’s Room and Artist’s Alley.

I really enjoyed coming here! Lots of goodies, illustrations, everything related to the joyness of the otaku!

But in the end, I bought a Hello Kitty stuffed animal. Huzzah! Another one to add to my glorious collection! >DDD

Before we left, there was a sketchpad that said “Draw On Me!!” so I wrote “I lost the game” on it (look at the bottom right corner). Oh yeah, did I forget to mention how many times I the lost the game that day? Let’s just leave it at, a lot.

The Karaoke Cafe. I signed up as one of the singers and did “Renai Rider” and at the end, I made everyone lose the game. So yeah, now I made a lot of enemies in there. x3

After that, Elizabeth and Angela we’re getting hungry so we left campus for a bit and went to a Japanese-Chinese fusion restaurant.

Aroma. It was cheap and delicious! Plus the interior was cute!

I ordered shrimp teriyaki. One of my most favorite Asian dishes in the world~ <3

We paid and then head back to campus to the Open Video Game room.

Most of the games were occupied except for this beloved bad boy, Taiko no Tatsujin Wii.

OMFG, one of the best f*ckin’ games in the world!!

The songs I did were:

– Polyrhythm (Perfume)

– Sakuranbo (Otsuka Ai)

– Natsu Matsuri (Whiteberry)

Even though I was on the easiest level, I pwned them all!! >DDD

Katie took some pictures of me before we went to the Super Mario Super Panel~ :D

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, some photographer in the Karaoke Cafe took some pictures of me and gave me his card so I can look them up. Then ANOTHER one stopped me later, took some pictures and gave me his card, too. So, I’m gonna go check out my photos later today~ :3

So we left there and headed for the Super Mario Super Panel which was quite enjoyable~ :D

They threw a zillion mini Twix bars at us. xDDD

Unfortunately, i had to leave early ’cause I was gonna be in the Cosplay Dating Game with Maggie Veronica. Okay, worst decision made in my whole life of being an otaku. I waited over an hour just to get in the room to be one of the participants but they never called on us! D: So we quit and my gang headed to the Open Video Game room to cheer me up and I pwned Taiko no Tatsujin Wii again. x3

Finally, we stopped at the main event room and watched Katie Tiedrich’s Awkward Zombie draw a random comic for us. I hardly paid attention because I really wasn’t that interested to be honest but Katie and Angela wanted to see her so I clammed up.

And then, the most glorious moment I was waiting for the whole day. Uncle Yo!!!!

Before he started my friends and I got a picture with him! But I can’t show it due to the fact I’d rather not reveal the faces of my friends, sorry! ^^;;

Oh my god, he was soooooooooooooooo funny live! So he started by making everyone in the audience go “shh” the whole time and then he yelled “SHUSH BENDING!!”. xDDD The best sketch I thought he did was the 28-year old Korean otaku who married an anime body pillow. So hilarious! Before I came to the convention I heard his Delicious Happy Fluffy Pink Cupcake of Redundant Happiness was broken and he did show us the proof by bringing it and then showed us he had a new one! Yay!!

When he was done Angela went to buy his CDs and went with her to get his autograph. I asked him if he liked Mudkips and he did. :D

He signed the back of my badge!! :D Oh how I will treasure this beautiful badge! <3

And then we head home.

And here’s some awesome cosplayers I found at the convention:

Matt from Death Note.

That Guy who gave a zillion free hugs.

Amu from Shugo Chara!

L from Death Note.

Mikan from Gakuen Alice.

My Melody and Kuromi.

Toph from Avatar.

Mudkip from Pokemon.

Mio from K-ON!

And so here ends my wonderful post about my first anime convention. Oh, wait. Before I forget…


That was the other side of Sarah’s sign!! x3

So, back to real life for a moment before I sign off. I’m on spring vacation!! So what to do today since I’m home alone with no parents? I dunno. I’ll find that out later~

You’d think I’d forget about my beloved Kei-chan? I don’t think so!! x3

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!! :3


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