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Happy Earth Day!!

I didn’t really do much today about Earth Day but I had an assembly at school that was presented by the SOPE (Save Our Planet Earth) members. Unfortunately it was in the morning and I was really drowsy that time so I didn’t really listen~ ^^;;

Oh yeah, did you know this year’s the 40th year of Earth Day? Pretty cool, huh? I thought it was way longer than that but oh well, it’s still pretty cool~

(Both “POWER OF EARTH” and “Kushami” are played in this video. I was trying to find just the perfomance of “POWER OF EARTH” but I got this. C’est la vie. But you know, “Kushami” is a great song also, although it has nothing to do with Earth Day~ xDDD)

Speaking of Tegomass, they released they’re mini-album “Tegomass no Ai” yesterday! *clap clap clap*

And their main highlight of the album: “Moshimo, Kono Sekai Kara OO ga Nakunattara”

Now that I think of it, what if anime and manga disappeared from this world? Would I still have an interest in Japanese culture? Or maybe I would of been a normal American teen? Hmm…

My favorite song from this album is “Chu Chu Chu!”. I love it so much I’m trying to create my own choreography for it so I might post a fandance of that in the near future~ x3 I wish this song had a PV, it’d be soooooooooooo cute! <3

Recently I’ve been trying to brush up my cooking skills. I’m going to college in two years so I should learn how to cook something decent!

I was starving when I got home from school today so I made some tamagoyaki! Although not many people do it, I like to top my eggs with lots of ketchup to give it some extra flavor! :3 As for the taste, it’s not so bad. Once I start making it for someone and they say it’s good, then I’ll dub it as delicious, just to be safe~

Also, while I was cooking a UPS truck parked near our driveway and dropped off this…

It’s my new handbag!!

Kyaaa!! It’s sooooooooo cute!!

It’s from the Harajuku♥Lovers brand. I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOOVE their merchandise!!! <3

My mom ordered it for me because she wanted me to use a different bag for when I go to Japan this summer so we chose this a few days ago on their internet and, here it is! I’m so happy right now! :D

The members from Koyama a Day are right. This pose is very kitty-like! Nyan! So cute~ <3

Only one more week until the grandest day of my life…my 16th birthday!!

Yaaaaay, can’t wait!! <3


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