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It’s here, it’s here!! Koyama Keiichiro’s 26th birthday! Yay-yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Yet again, I’m back again this year celebrating my favorite NEWS’s member’s big day! And this time, I’ll make this one double the fun! :3

The members from Koyama A Day did a mini picspam so these were some of the pictures they had. Give them the credit for taking time into finding these adorable pictures! ;D

He such a cutie pie! I’ll never get tired of him! Oh, and here’s some Kei-chan trivia! Let’s see how much I know about my darling:

– Lives in Sagamihara, Kanagawa with his mother; His house is a ramen restaurant called “Ryutaro”

– Has an older sister, Miki, and two nephews, Haruto (5 years old?) and Ren (1 year old?)

– His member colors are purple and orange, but he prefers purple

– Studies sign language and Korean

– Has a cat named “Nyanta”

– Graduated from Meiji University in 2007 from the Department of Literature

– Shige has been his best friend for currently 9 years

– Has acrohphobia (fear of heights)

– His favorite type of ramen is miso ramen

– Played baseball a lot in his school days

– Has been MC-ing for the Shounen Club since 2006

– Is pranked by Tegoshi a lot

– Thought of the opening call in “Koi no ABO” (“YOUtachi, nani gata?”) with Yamapi; they’re credited as “Koyamapi”

– Is the mother figure of NEWS and is like an older brother towards the Jr.’s

– Is teased by the members of NEWS for his single-eyelids

And now, some of my favorite videotastic Kei-chan moments:

*sigh* He is just love, love, LOVE!! <3

Hope you enjoyed my post filled with plenty of Koyalove!

Happy Birthday, Kei-chan! I love you!! *chu* ♥ ♥ ♥


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