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Yamato Nadeshiko For a Day!

(Note: “Yamato nadeshiko” is the term used for an ideal traditional Japanese woman.)

Today I went on a field trip with my Japanese class to the Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden to learn about the Japanese tea ceremony and tour a zen garden.

The bus ride to North Salem was about an hour and a half. The bus was stuffy so lot of the people opened the windows and it was really cold. It’s May and was 55 degrees outside! >_<;;

The pair of hands on the left is one of my bestest friends, Angela, and I’m on the right doing the peace sign. :D

After the bus arrived, we went inside the building and began the tea ceremony right away.

Oh my god, the tea ceremony was a wonderful experience! I got to be apart of it and was served tea cake and matcha (green tea)! The matcha was really bitter. Although I’m not really a tea drinker, I felt like I should drink to show respect to the host so did my best to drink it. And the cake, oh my god, so delicious!!

The green side is matcha-flavored and the brown side is azuki (I think~). It was so sweet! :3

The tea ceremony was really relaxing! I felt like my mind and body became into more of a peaceful state! Plus my Japanese teacher praised me on how well I did in the ceremony! It made me very happy! Although the seiza (traditional Japanese sitting position) was a little bit hard because my feet nearly fell asleep and the matcha was bitter, I really had lots of fun! Maybe I should study sado (practice of the Japanese tea ceremony) someday? :3

Next, the Japanese Stroll Garden! It was designed by the founder of the museum, Natalie Hays Hammond. It was SOOOOOOOOO beautiful!! Don’t believe me? Check out these amazing pics:

And then we wrapped up the tour, blah, blah, blah, and had lunch. There was donuts, hot chocolate, chips, and sensei brought in homemade yakisoba bread (which Angela loved). Unfortunately, I didn’t eat my share of yakisoba bread, I gave it to Angela. xDDD It was her first time eating yakisoba and loved it! She turned into a yakisoba monster! D: Looks like she might be eating a lot of it when we go to Japan~

And here’s a fun Rikappi highlight~!



Chuuuuu~! I love you froggie!! <3

And that was my day. Great experience! I’d love to come back again!! :D

I love men who wear these types of glasses. Makes my heart go doki doki!! <3

Kei-chan aishiteruuuu~~~


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