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Curly Girl~! :D

I got a perm two days ago!! What do you think?? This is what my real hair looks like (Yup, I was born natural curly). My mom was thinking about getting a perm for my hair before I go to Japan next month. One, because when my hair was straight it was really damaged, and two, I’m a failure with a straightening iron and I don’t wanna panic in Japan all because of my hair. So, she called my hairdresser, set up an appointment, and this is what she did.

At first I was a bit skeptical after getting my curly hair back after 8 years but now I’m really happy with it. Having curly hair again makes life more fun and easier. Plus I get more time in my life since I don’t have to straighten my hair everyday and apply all that heat to my hair anymore. All I have to do is wash it each time I wake up, put hair gel in it, and I’m good to go! Very, very, simple, desho? :3

I wasn’t really sure if I was gonna have any time to record a song today but thankfully I did! Yay for extra time!! v(^o^)v

Oh, boy. Kei-chan in a suit is a total knockout for me!! x3 *faints*

See ya, see ya!!


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  1. * Chii says:

    Hi rikapi!~ its chii-chan^^ i hope you still remember me~^^ haha! sugoi!!~ your going to japan!~ ii na~ ^^

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago

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