Rikappi's Room ♥

winding down.

OH MY GRASH!! 18 days until school’s over and 23 days until my trip to Japan! So exciting!! It’s been a while since I’ve updated, well, actually 2 weeks but it still feels like a long time to me since I loooooove my blog!! <3

Did pigtails today. They were kinda uneven, and my face is a tiny bit red. I was in the sun for 30 minutes this morning studying science and I should put on some sun lotion… ^^;;

What else is there to say? Hmm…oh!

I got more posters~!! New Moon’s Jacob Black poster and Green Day’s American Idiot poster. I bought the Jacob poster on my own and my mom got me the American Idiot poster when she saw it last month. OMG, I get to see it next week! I’m super, super, super excited!! *squeals*

Got to do more dancing. :D

Speaking of Caramelldansen, in my Hypermedia class, I’m using that video for my final project: Creating an ultimate Caramelldansen dance video with the help of my friends and some of the anime GIFs. It’s gonna be the best project EVER. >DDD

Kei-chan really likes doing the shaka sign, lol. xDDD


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