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Words can definitely not explain the most awesome 90-minute moment I experienced today.

I SAW GREEN DAY’S AMERICAN IDIOT!!! *megasqueal* It was SUPER-DUPER amazing!!!!!!!!

Okay, so before the show I met up with my friend Sarah (who I saw the show with) and she treated me to lunch at Kodama Sushi (since I paid tickets [well, my aunt got them so, it was kinda on me since I invited her]).

The place and the food wasn’t too shabby. I had some shrimp tempura and Sarah got this mega-sized bento box, lol. Oh and when we were in there, we heard Buono’s “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”, KAT-TUN’s “DON’T U EVER STOP”, and MilkyWay’s “Anataboshi” on the stereo. It was really awkward but we laughed anyway! xDDD

After lunch we had some time before the show to shop a bit and I needed to get presents for the host family I’m going to stay with in Okayama for my Japan trip so I bought NY goods, coasters, postcards, and other stuff, and then I found these (for myself):

Band buttons!! <3

I got Green Day, Rolling Stones, Ramones, and Nirvana. I think collecting buttons is my new hobby, lol. xDDD

And now, THE SHOW. :D :D :D

Fail picture of the set, I should of took a better one earlier. xP Ah well, I’m still positive! :3


The whole time I was smiling ear to ear. During the whole time I was either, smiling wide, dropping my jaw, and/or my stomach was doing a zillion backflips and twists. It was a total thrill! It’s a show that’s totally in your face and the effects literally stab you in the eyes! >DDD

Before seeing the show, I was really looking forward to seeing St. Jimmy (both the character and the song). It’s my favorite song on the American Idiot album. Once it started playing, I was thinking, “St. Jimmy!! Where the f*ck is he!?”. And then, the moment the cast shouted, “1, 2, 3, 4!”, St. Jimmy appears in the living flesh. My mouth was totally wide-open whenever he came on. He was extremely good!!!!!!!!! x3

My eyes were totally glassy at the end. I really enjoyed the show!!

After the show, it was autograph time!!

I got autographs from the guys who played Will, Tunny, and two ensemble members. I got a picture with Will and Tunny (unfortunately, I can’t show the pictures because was in them with me and I don’t want to reveal my friend’s identity)! Will and Tunny were my favorites! But Will was a bit sweeter~ :3

And guess what? Before one of the ensemble members left to leave, he was like, “Who wants my pen? I don’t need it anymore!”, so I raised my hand and went “ME!!” (I was *right* in front of him) and he gave me his pen!! Wheeeeee~!!!!!

The silver Sharpie is the pen he gave me! It might be just a normal pen but I’ll treasure it forever!! <3 <3 <3

Green Day’s American Idiot, truly an epic show I shall never forget! <3



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