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Japan Trip 2010

Hey! Long time no see! I missed my blog dearly!! >_<;;

If you read my last entry, I went to Japan June 28th for nine days. Boy, it was a fabulous experience. Heck, it was just unbelievable just being there. Anyway, here’s my nutshell story of my first time in Japan:

I got to Japan because my Japanese teacher and the Japanese teacher from our sister school plans a Japan trip once every few years for the Japanese class students. Whoever wants to go just has to pay the money, fill in a few forms, and you’re on your way to a foreign country. For nine days, I went to Kyoto, Okayama, and Tokyo. There were about 9 (including me) students from our school and 9 students from the other school so I got to make a lot of new friends. :D

First stop, Kyoto. We only stayed their for a day but it was fabulous. We toured around the city and saw Nijo Castle, Golden Pavilion, and Kyoto Imperial Palace. Seeing the Golden Pavilion blew me away the most. I’ve always seen those desktop wallpapers of it and the moment I saw it, my mind just went blank. The only unfortunate part about going to Kyoto was not being able to take pictures of Nijo Castle, we weren’t allowed to. ;_;

Oh yeah, besides our group, a bunch of sixth graders(?) from Australia were on the same tour bus as us! Lol. And when we were at the Golden Pavilion, a different group of Australians came up to us and asked us to take a picture of them. We said yes and after we took the picture, they were really happy to get a picture with Americans. Is it really that exciting for foreigners to take pictures together with Americans like us?

Here’s some pictures of Kyoto I took:

I know, I chose very few pictures, I apologize. There were so many lovely pictures in this album so it was very hard to decide which ones I should post!

Next stop, 2 nights in Okayama. Okayama is in the Kansai region like Kyoto so it’s about one hour away by shinkansen (bullet train). We went here because our schools did letter exchanges at Okayama Hakuryou Middle/High School, a school in the prefecture of Okayama. So, each student got to do a homestay with a student and go to their school for a day to experience a Japanese high school life. My host sister was named Kae. She was super adorable! And get this, she’s exactly a week older than me by birth, no joke! We connected really fast which went great! Plus her family really doted on me! The they gave a yukata and many other wonderful gifts! They really thought I was an epitome of awesome or something! I’m very grateful that they accepted me easily! <3

As for the school, it was fun! Although it’s nothing like an anime or a manga, it’s kinda like real life school, except my school doesn’t have uniforms, school slippers, and other stuff like that. We were treated like celebrities! The funniest moment was when I was with my friends and we were in the cafeteria about to leave. Just then, a group of five seventh or eighth grade girls came up to us and asked (in English) if we could shake their hand. We happily said yes and the moment they touched our hands, they squealed and giggled! See what I mean by celebrity treatment? They must of been really happy since foreigners don’t really show up at their school. I remember when Kae and I were at the train station heading to school, a lot of other Japanese students from other schools stared at me. It felt awkward since you don’t see a normal dressed foreigner next to a uniformed Japanese student everyday in Japan but it was really funny to get that type of attention.

The next day the host brothers and sisters joined our group to do sightseeing at Kurashiki and Korakuen. Both places were real nice to walk around. Beautiful scenery, that’s all I can say. Oh yeah, Kae wanted me to teach special English words/phrases so I taught her how to say “awesomesauce”. xDDD

And then, it was time to leave Okayama for Tokyo. We were all in tears at the station, and yes, that includes myself. They were so nice to us so it was really had to part from them. Next year, most of us decided to fly into Osaka and visit them again, I hope we can do that soon!!

Finally, what I’ve always been waiting for, Tokyo. It’s so hard to describe how awesome it was in words! We stayed at a really fancy hotel in Shinagawa, Shinagawa Prince Hotel, which was amazing. They had a tower called the Annex Tower that had a food court, arcade, bowling center, stores, and even a roller coaster! It was like a freakin’ mall!

As for my plans in Tokyo? I went to Tokyo Tower, the Imperial Palace, Asakusa, the Ghibli Museum, a baseball game at Tokyo Dome, Shibuya, Harajuku, and Akihabara, all in 4 nights, whoo!

The baseball game was really interesting to watch. Japanese baseball games are WAY DIFFERENT then baseball games in America, trust me!

Oh, and when I went to Shibuya and Harajuku, I got to meet Tomomi!! She was so cool and we really hit it off! Harajuku was the best! As for Shibuya…it was okay. We only went to the department store 109 and they were having a 5-day bargain sale AND it was a Sunday so…yeah, MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF SHOPPERS. Next time I got to Shibuya, 109 is getting taken off the list. I still loved Harajuku though!! We went to Takeshita Street and they were many, many shops! And guess what? THEY HAD JE SHOPS!! *fangirl orgasm* I bought a NEWS uchiwa and a Kei-chan uchiwa so now I’m a happy fangirl! When I went through the shops, I was the only foreign fangirl so, I felt some awkward pride again! >DDD

And Akihabara? Yeah, it was epic. At first, I was really excited to go to Gamers but when I went there, I wasn’t really that amazed. I don’t why but it just didn’t really interest me. But no matter, there were other awesome stores that I loved like Ishimaru Soft and Don Quijote (which I forgot to take a picture of). I must go back there again!!

And that was my big adventure in Japan.

Good parts I like about going to Japan:

– Easy to spend yen

– Lots of unique places to go to

Bad parts I didn’t like about going to Japan:

– Messed up appetite due to jetlag (I loved the food, but I could never finish it and always ate small servings of it!)

– Compact spaces (The ceilings were extremely close to my head so I hit it a few times)

Overall, I had an amazing time! It was such a great experience to be able to go to the other side of the world at such a young age. And to think that the fact that my answer to the question, “Have you ever been to Japan?” is gonna be “yes” instead of the usual (and depressing) “no” from now on. That’s just a miracle. I’m so lucky to have been able to do this. <3

And I’m also very proud to have a precious memento of my beloved all the way from Japan. x3


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  1. * Lauren says:

    Lucky! I’m seriously jealous :D and how cool that you got celebrity treatment while you were there~! Haha, and I was just wondering, who is Tomomi??

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 11 months ago

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