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^ I was reading my friend’s tumblr and I found this in her most recent entry. It gave me more energy to revive this blog A.S.A.P.


It’s been a month since I’ve last updated and I really feel bad for leaving my precious blog all lonely. I’ll definitely won’t do this again! Updates will be weekly from now on! I promise!! >_<;;

Anyway, so it’s been a month since my last entry, right? And in that amount of over 30 days, I’ve been enjoying my end of the summer and prepare for school. I began school last Thursday and I’m now a Junior! *gasp* Only one more year to go and I’ll be in college! *double gasp* Before I start freaking out like crazy, I’ll worry about stuff like that later.

School’s been going pretty good so far even though it’s my 4th day. Although I hate studying and stuff like that, classes are going well so far. No difficulties, problems, or complaints. I’m finally learning in U.S. History, thank god (last year’s U.S. History class was horrible; the teacher couldn’t friggin’ teach!). I have to take HSPA Math classes this year for the HSPA exams. Boo. Plus I have PSAT and SAT exams to take this year. Double boo. Junior year’s the hardest so I really gotta work my butt of this year in order to do well. Ganbarimasu~! ^-^

Remember last time I said NEWS is starting a new concert tour (in almost a week, by the way~)? Well, good NEWS



I know this is somewhat late news but, whatever! It’s good news so even if it’s late, everyone loves to hear it, right? ;D

Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Koi no ABO
  2. LIVE
  3. Umareshi Kimi e
  4. Supernatural
  5. Aki no Sora
  6. Futari/130000000 no Kiseki
  7. Dancin’ in the Secret
  8. Wonderland
  9. Sakura Girl
  10. BE FUNKY!
  11. D.T.F
  12. Naiyou no Nai Tegami
  13. Endless Summer
  14. Share Regular Edition Bonus Track
  15. Forever (Unplugged Ver.) Regular Edition Bonus Track

Wanna take a listen to some of the tracks? Well, you’re in luck because the Johnny’s Entertainment website recently unveiled previews to each song on the album! Click here to take a listen!

All of them sound pretty good. But I think I like “Umareshi Kimi e” and “D.T.F” the best~ :3

NEWS’s 4th album “LIVE” shall be released next week, September 15th. <3

Anyway, I have a 4-day weekend because of Rosh Hashanah so, yay!! No school tomorrow or Friday so RE-LAX-TION!! Whoo! *dances* What shall I do during these four days? Who knows~

*sigh* It always feels sooooo good to post my favorite pics of my beloved Kei-chan every time I make an entry. <3 <3 <3

See you all (definitely) next week!! ;D


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